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Monday, March 13, 2006

911 Muslims, Canada and my choice.

Finally, the issue gets in focus. I remember seeing a picture shortly after 911. It was a picture of a big black man who was in mid air, his arms by his side, as he hurtled down 115 floors head first, and straight as an arrow, going down fast, yet almost seemingly in slow motion, to a certain death. I can remember squinting and getting closer to this picture. I wanted to see his face. It was obvious by the man's arms being beside him, while going down head first, that THIS was a deliberate act on his part. He was diving to his death head first, bravely.

It took a bit but then I realized why. He had had to choose between burning to death or diving down 115 floors to his death. Can you imagine? He had choose to dive knowingly and did so bravely. It is a picture I will never forget. A Muslim like Osama Bin Laden, with support throughout the Muslim world, put that diver in that "straight from hell" position; burn or dive to death. That black man, for all intents and purposes, was completely an innocent man. The Muslims who brought down the WTC represent an unchangeable traditional Muslim view that is not open to negotiation; completely intransigent. We recently saw them protesting and killing world wide over a cartoon.

I don't know if the diver was one of the 25 Canadians that died in the World Trade Center or one of the other 3000 innocent people from 30 plus countries that died because of this Muslim based terrorism; a terrorism based on their religion; a traditional Shariah Muslim view as espoused by the lunatic Osama Bin Laden and followed by many Muslims throughout the world.

The West may have had its Reformation, Spanish Inquisition, it's Catholic based theocracies some 300 years ago. There is no doubt that this Muslim based Fascist approach to government and society grounded solely by Islam theology has to be confronted. If Osama's Islam had it's way every non-Muslim country in the world would be pushed into the sea. I am surprised that any Conservative or Liberal minded person could argue otherwise. The Muslims in Kosovo (the KLA) got away with it only because Milosovic got carried away with Croats first.

Bush's detour into Iraq may have diverted or clouded the issue because of the American bias towards Israel and their hunger for oil, but there is no doubt that the extremist Muslim theocratic Shariah government issue must be confronted. Ask that black man who jumped off the World Trade Center. Ask Captain Trevor Greene. The traditional Taliban type Muslim, being protected initially by Afghanistan and now by Pakistan, are a barbaric virus that needs to be eliminated if they resist the Muslim Reformation which given the nature of their religion I know they will. Consider the tens of thousands who protested a cartoon yet were silent about 911!

The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 1996. It hosted and protected al-Qaeda and Osama, not to mention his training camps. It allowed him to plot and carry out the 911 terrorist attacks on the WTC in 2001 against our NATO ally the USA. I mention all this just in case Jack Layton is reading. PM Stephen Harper is on the right track.

Thanks Stephen. This is one of the pictures showing that falling man. The one I remember shows him higher up and with his arms by his side. If I can ever find that photo again I'll post it here.