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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riots and the Disappointing, Disgusting, Shameful NHL

The NHL hasn't learned a thing in 17 years. They are still fixing games. In 1994 they fixed it for New York This year they fixed it for another eastern team this time Boston. The media say it is disappointing that the riot happened in Vancouver. I say it s disappointing that the Stanley Cup is fixed; that teams can benefit from non calls and inconsistent  completely confusing reffing. If unnecessary roughness is an offence why doesn't OHallaran call it? If slashing is an offence why doesn't WAlkom call it? If interference is an offence why does OHallaran only call it against Vancouver? Why is it only Vancouver players that get 4 games suspensions when other players get one game suspensions for the same or worse offences in the same annual series?

The media say its disgusting the riot happened in Vancouver. I say it is disgusting that the NHL suspended Rome for four games for a basic body check while Chara got nothing for what he did in Montreal by deliberating driving that Montreal player's head into the rink post. I say it is disgusting that other players get one game for what Rome got 4 games for . These riots will go on until the NHL gets investigated for Fraud. The fact the NHL gets away with this fraud is disgusting. I say it is disgusting the way OHallaran and Walkom can not call Boston for two handed slashes against Kesler (just before Boston got their first goal), or pushing Luongo into the net for a goal.

The media say it's a  shame the way the riot happened in Vancouver. I say it is a shame the way the NHL says during the regular season that this year they will give speed and skill the priority and then give way to goon squads during the playoffs; with inconsistent reffing, with confusing reffing, with non calls and illogical suspensions.

 Why have rules if you don't call them? Not calling rule breakers is fraudulent and shameful. It can lead to riots where ordinary people lose their sense of right and wrong and become idiots but this idiocy is grounded in the inconsistent non-calls and fraud of the NHL. THAT IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN: NOTHING ELSE. Vancouver has shown with the Olympics and the Symphoney of Fire that crowds of over 100,000 people don't always lead to riots. Riots only happen after the NHL put their non calls  or inconsistent officiating on display where infractions dont get called and games are fixed. The NHL induces the idiocy we saw on the steeets of Vancouver. It is the NHL that must own up to their issues. Except the NHL governence people are in denial.

What we really need is a riot in the media about the NHL being a sham. ...and leading to riots
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