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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Victoria---The City of Correctors

Nothing like it exists anywhere in Canada. Victoria is the only one. A distinct society. A city of correctors. Nothing epitomizes this more then the hot issue at the University of Victoria over rabbits.

A few years ago when I smoked, I remember sitting on a bench relaxing. I got to watch two Victoria female motorists approach a four way stop intersection. The first to stop waved through the second to stop. But the second to stop was on the left intersection and waved the vehicle on the right to go ahead. Both vehicles refused to follow the others instructions. Before you know it, both drivers were out of their vehicle to correct the other. Both were wagging their fore finger using that Alanon handshake, "You're wrong",

Amazing! That's when I decided that Victoria was a City of mutual correctors.Everyone is always correcting everyone. In this City it is the norm and sort of like a catagious disease. They are shaking hands with their rights and shaking forefingers correcting with their lefts; very typical left wing.

The only people that always win that argument are the street people who have that "fuck you" attitude and dont care about any thing or anyone. They revel in being incorrect and that is so freeing.

Recently the University of Victoria has become over run with released pet rabbits that over the years have multiplied to the point of many thousands. And which rabbits eat the special flowers cultivated by the Horticultural Society. Back in the day when being practical ruled, we'd just shoot these pests and be done with it, but being Victoria, this issue brought out the various correctors.

The plant people wanted to do the correct thing and build more fences. UVic tried to convince the public to be correct and that rabbits are pets and should not be released on campus. Some wanted them removed.

The animal rights wanted them treated humanely and wanted them captured and sterilized before being relocated as the correct way to deal with them. But there were two groups of animal rights. One group were concerned about the rabbits emotionally and felt moving them would be traumatic and emotionally distubing.

The Provincial bureaucrats dictate that feral wildlife can not be moved more then one kilometer and ministerial permits and inspections are required for the transportation. This stopped any move.

Meanwhile 40 year old, two feet wide, Tulip Trees are being knawed and chewed down by bunnies like pine by beavers. Campus Lawns are full of bunny dung and rendered useless. More then $20,000 worth of special plants have disappeared, knawed to their roots. 500 bunnies have become 1000 which have become 2000 bunnies going on to 4000 The growing list of correctors continue the debate. The rabbits have spread to the neighbourhood,begonias,lilacs. Can the lush flowers of Oak Bay, not eaten by deer, be far away from thre bunny diet.

The City of Correctors has met its match. Its not street people. Its bunnies

I say bring out the guns and make money. Kill them all, cut off their paws and sell them as key chain good luck charms to cruising tourists. Be practical. Make money from dead rabbits. Make rabbit stew and feed the homeless. BE GREEN. Dont waste any parts.

I had to give up smoking because in Victoria it is only correct to smoke when it is raining and while standing outside and doing so in the middle of the street out where the cars move. The City of Correctos won out over my addiction. I needed to be correct.I should have emulated the street people or the bunnies

On downtown sidewalks I see many correctors correcting one another at the same time; fore fingers mutally wagging or middle fingers sticking up and upper. The sunshine really brings out the correcters and gives me new found respect for the steet people and the "fuck you" philosophy. I hate correctors as they bring everything to a standing still stalemate. Hughmongous efforts going nowhere as correctors scrabble to correct the not so correct and being corrected by the philosophically correct but stopped by the legally correct only to be critiqued by the editorially correct and redirected by the other correct groups, covens, cabals and covert operations of alternative special interests wanting to control. It is bridge without trump. Go bunnys go. Oak Bay is that way
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