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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Abdul Rahman or Shariah The Issue for WW III

There is one story deserving more attention then it is getting and that's the one about Abdul Rahman, 40, of Afghanistan. Alternatively, "Christianity versus Islam" should be the headline. I get this feeling that there is a war acoming

And this issue is attracting real women as opposed to feminists who are silent. I don't see too many Liberal type organizations protesting what Afghanistan has done to Mr Abdul Rahman. Both sides Christians and Muslims use hearsay propaganda against one another. But, if I may, let me keep it simple. In Afghanistan a Muslim who converts to Christianity will be charged and can be hung until dead. That being the case ,why are we fighting to protect that society?

Now Afghanistan is using a legal out to sidestep the issue by saying Mr Rahman is not fit to stand trial but that doesn't excuse the fact that such a law is on the books to begin with, now does it. Islam as a religion must be reformed for democracy to work in Afghanistan. Canadians will wind up being shot by Muslims who resist that reformation and insist on the Shariah way. And Muslims around the world are insisting on the Shariah way. Ontario, with a Liberal McGuinty in charge, almost allowed Shariah to be legal here.

Abdel Rahman ,a Christian covert, faces death in Kabul after being charged with converting from Islam to Christianity. "A crime under this country's Islamic Shariah laws", a judge said on Sunday. Truly this Islamic Shariah Law is the crux of the problem facing the world today and this crux will lead to a world war.

This is the war between Shariah Muslims (the kind supporting terrorists) and Democracy(Christians). Muslims and Christians are fighting it already. The rest of us cannot ignore it and pretend it will go away. We cannot turn a blind eye to the murder and abuse of Christians in Muslim countries world wide while reaching out and accommodating Muslims in our democratic countries while these Muslims are advocating Shariah. We would be fools. A wolf is a wolf is a wolf is a wolf. He doesn't change just because you put him in the hen house.
In Afghanistan Abdul Rahman, 41, was arrested last month after his family accused him of becoming a Christian. The accused was charged with rejecting Islam.

The Afghanistan Judge Mawlavezada said. "We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law," the judge said. "It is an attack on Islam." He said he will rule on the case within two months. Now Afghanistan is using an out to sidestep the issue by saying Mr Rahman is not fit to stand trial but that doesn't excuse the fact that such a law is on the books to begin with. Islam as a religion must be reformed for democracy to work in Afghanistan. That is like asking water to freeze at 50 degrees above. Canadians will wind up being shot by Muslims who resist that reformation and insist on the Shariah way. And Muslims around the world are insisting on the Shariah way. It is easy to foresee a war over this. I can now start to understand why Israel and the Palestinians have never been able to make a peace

The question then becomes why should Canadians soldiers lose their lives fighting for democracy and a stable Afghanistan when that country would hang until dead any man who converts from one religion to another. To make such an event a crime is the antithesis of democracy as we know it, Liberal or Conservative. Why should Canadians die to permit that? We should be at war with it.

The new Afghanistan Constitution proclaims that Islam is the "religion of the state"; however, it does not prohibit the practice of other religions. The new Constitution also declares "no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam." The sacred religion of Islam prohibits conversion with death as the penalty. It also states that "followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law." That is a contradiction especially when you consider that this conversion law is still a serious crime over there severe enough to justify the capital penalty. Mr Rahman has now escaped to Italy.

I am not a religious person. But anyone with a brain can figure out that there can be no morality without free will. We must make the choice ourselves. Islam strikes me like a political body not a religion. In fact Islam strikes me like the opposite of a religion in the same way that FEAR is the opposite of FAITH. Islam would have you fear for your life if you abandon Islam for Christianity. Therefore that is not a faith. It is a fear. Without that free will choice, there is no morality; so Islam is without morals. A body without morals is not a religion. It is a political system. And the way Shariah Muslims define themselves, it equates with fascism as it is unilateral, unilingual and accepting of no other free will; in fact it is completely opposed to other choice, to free will, to democracy; that is to anything other then based on Islam.

Meanwhile in Iraq...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yes! Blood is Thicker then Water and Always will Be

The more I read the posts on line, the more I know in my mind and heart that Canada needs Harper. It is time to get that pendulum going right; back to the center where people have choice and freedom. The negative judgmental left wing Liberals are politically correct to themselves only. Think about it. For instance! If you read the Communist Manifesto or Karl Marx you will see the Liberal blue print spelled out in black and white. It describes exactly what and where the left wingers want to take us. It says what they want to do with the family unit which is basically do away with it. They want to put them all in condo communes, so the men and women can stay working in the fields and factories. But fortunately as the Soviet Union found out, blood is thicker then water and always will be.

Children will always be better with their moms and dads then at a day care, always and forever no matter what.

Fortunately by living in Vancouver I see from the Chinese and East Indian communities the intrinsic value of the strong "family" unit. The Liberals have been undermining the family unit for decades. They are forcing people to live the way they (being the Liberals) want. They have been taking away the responsibilities of families and giving them to nicely paid unionized workers be they teachers(BCTU) or care workers(BCGEU). Why not give that money to the family to begin with! Give families the choice and freedom. Do something that is for sure in the best interests of children. The Liberals talk about being politically correct and push the Belinda Stronach example which I am sorry is repugnant to me. Completely alien and undesirable.

Think about it. The Liberals keep taking away the responsibilities that used to be a family's responsibility and foreclosing their rights. The Liberals think they know better what is best for everyone. God forbid that families are able to afford popcorn and beer with more years of Liberals. The Liberals know best how to waste our money bribing their way to power with our money and making that politically correct.

40 years ago families were responsible for their children's education, and care of babies and the young and care of their family's seniors, the sick and the handicapped and these families stayed together forever. Now the Liberal government wants to do it all almost from birth. Keep those men and women in the fields and factories and tax em to the hilt. Make it so expensive that staying at home is not a choice. Staying at home is not taxable. God forbid.

You can't tax a parent sitting at home looking after his or her kids.Thats exactly what Karl Marx wanted or the Liberals want. The Liberals don't trust people with their own money so it must be taken away from them and they must be sent back to work and 50% or more of their wages sent to government so the Liberals can spend it to stay in power while our kids are cared for by homosexuals in day cares working at a union wage.

Enough of these socialists Liberals. Trudeau said it best when he took the Liberals left saying "when the pendulum goes too far in one direction, it is time to take it back in the other direction." We need to sent the Liberals to the same wilderness that we sent Mulroney and the Conservatives. We need to send them a "shut up" message. I am so sick and tired of hearing them whine the politically correct blues. They need to regain a respect for the value and intelligence of the heterosexual, married, nuclear, family unit that I see in the Chinese and East Indian family units in Vancouver.

It is time to get back to basics and away from the unethical Liberals complete and total lack of principle or any respect for the individual. I trust the individual much more then I trust the state. Once the state has control, they don't trust the individual any more.(insert big laugh here)They side with the institution they represent. In fact they invent a whole new bureaucracy to over see the institution they invented to replace Mom and Dad and waste even more money on middle management just like the Ministry of Child Family and Community Services in BC does. The negative success rate of that Ministry can be see in Criminal Provincial Court over and over again.

The Left Wingers view the individual Mom and Dad as too ignorant, too untrustworthy, too uncontrollable , too free. These individuals might waste any extra cash they have on beer and popcorn. These free individuals might be politically incorrect and teach his kids to be right wing unlike the way striking BC teachers do. The Liberals think that the only people that can look after children are overpaid unionized workers who are trained to be caring and who have an educated professional approach to children. These so called professionals are the ones who will then use their position to indoctrinate their young charges. Liberals think parents need to get back to taxable employment asap. Excuse me, and I am sorry, but to the Liberals, fuck you. You bastards can go to hell. I prefer a real woman and a real mother.

Monday, March 13, 2006

911 Muslims, Canada and my choice.

Finally, the issue gets in focus. I remember seeing a picture shortly after 911. It was a picture of a big black man who was in mid air, his arms by his side, as he hurtled down 115 floors head first, and straight as an arrow, going down fast, yet almost seemingly in slow motion, to a certain death. I can remember squinting and getting closer to this picture. I wanted to see his face. It was obvious by the man's arms being beside him, while going down head first, that THIS was a deliberate act on his part. He was diving to his death head first, bravely.

It took a bit but then I realized why. He had had to choose between burning to death or diving down 115 floors to his death. Can you imagine? He had choose to dive knowingly and did so bravely. It is a picture I will never forget. A Muslim like Osama Bin Laden, with support throughout the Muslim world, put that diver in that "straight from hell" position; burn or dive to death. That black man, for all intents and purposes, was completely an innocent man. The Muslims who brought down the WTC represent an unchangeable traditional Muslim view that is not open to negotiation; completely intransigent. We recently saw them protesting and killing world wide over a cartoon.

I don't know if the diver was one of the 25 Canadians that died in the World Trade Center or one of the other 3000 innocent people from 30 plus countries that died because of this Muslim based terrorism; a terrorism based on their religion; a traditional Shariah Muslim view as espoused by the lunatic Osama Bin Laden and followed by many Muslims throughout the world.

The West may have had its Reformation, Spanish Inquisition, it's Catholic based theocracies some 300 years ago. There is no doubt that this Muslim based Fascist approach to government and society grounded solely by Islam theology has to be confronted. If Osama's Islam had it's way every non-Muslim country in the world would be pushed into the sea. I am surprised that any Conservative or Liberal minded person could argue otherwise. The Muslims in Kosovo (the KLA) got away with it only because Milosovic got carried away with Croats first.

Bush's detour into Iraq may have diverted or clouded the issue because of the American bias towards Israel and their hunger for oil, but there is no doubt that the extremist Muslim theocratic Shariah government issue must be confronted. Ask that black man who jumped off the World Trade Center. Ask Captain Trevor Greene. The traditional Taliban type Muslim, being protected initially by Afghanistan and now by Pakistan, are a barbaric virus that needs to be eliminated if they resist the Muslim Reformation which given the nature of their religion I know they will. Consider the tens of thousands who protested a cartoon yet were silent about 911!

The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 1996. It hosted and protected al-Qaeda and Osama, not to mention his training camps. It allowed him to plot and carry out the 911 terrorist attacks on the WTC in 2001 against our NATO ally the USA. I mention all this just in case Jack Layton is reading. PM Stephen Harper is on the right track.

Thanks Stephen. This is one of the pictures showing that falling man. The one I remember shows him higher up and with his arms by his side. If I can ever find that photo again I'll post it here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shura and Dishonourable Two Faced Muslims

Lieutenant Trevor Greene was whacked in the head with an axe by a Muslim who came at him from behind while all parties were sitting at a Shura with the elders of the community. The fact that all the children were moved away two minutes before this dishonourable cowardly act shows that this was planned by the Muslims in attendance at this meeting. Who says Muslims can be trusted. Not me. Not any more.The Muslims that did this at a Shura were dastardly, barbaric, two-faced phonies with no honour and deserving of no respect. Lieutenant Trevor Greene had removed his helmut and was sitting cross legged with the Muslim elders when he was attacked from behind. He was sticking his neck out to help them. And they attack him with an axe from behind. Barbaric assholes like that deserve no respect. None.

Lieutenant Greene is a Vancouver BC man; an author, a journalist and a soldier who was always committed to helping others. The book he wrote was about the missing East Side Vancouver Women.

Lieutenant Trevor Greene is now a Captain. A Shura is supposed to be a place where the host guarantees the safety of it's guests. A peaceful place to consult. As opposed to enticing one to remove his helmut so someone can whack him from behind in the head with an axe. It is a good job I'm not in charge of the army. I would not talk to that Afghanistan village anymore, not after such cowardly sneakiness. I'd just nuke em. And I'd do it with a bomb that said, "Here you go Allah Akbars, you cowardly bastards." If that's the way you want to play... Fortunately I am not in charge of the Army. In fact the army will continue to use the Shura and I must say I am very proud of their patience and discipline.

It was the Afghanistan Muslim yahoos who started this with their unprovoked attack on the World Trade Center.(Albeit, to accommodate those Liberal drive by smears, utilizing Muslims from other countries) It is time they were showed the same level of respect. I'm not sure where in the Koran one would find it, but it will be in there. It is the part that says "what you put into the lives of others shall come back into your own". Canadians will remember the Shura Axe. All Canadians except Liberals who have no honour, unless it is politically correct.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia runs by way of the Shura. Would a foreign leader be safe visiting Saudi Arabia and speaking to their King or would he be axed from behind. How valid is the Shura? Saudi Arabia claims the Shura is a time honoured Koran santioned deeply ingrained practice of Muslims. Has Saudia Arabia spoken against what happened to Captain Trevor Greene?

Will we see 10 of thousands of Muslims protesting this flagrant abuse of the Koran?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Health Care "The Third Way" starring Klein, McGuinty, Campbell

No matter whether you are Conservative or Liberal(NDP), left wing or right wing, there is one fact we must all agree is a solid fact. Just as sure as H2 and O make water when it comes to being efficient and effective the private sector will always beat the public sector simply based on cost and time always and forever in every case without exception.

So I pay attention and believe him when I see Premier Campbell, the Liberal head honcho in BC, say, "The thing we all know is that the health care system is not sustainable the way it is over the next 25 years. It is going to have to change." Premier Klein says, "The health system must change to survive." Since the next 25 years are my last 25 years, I pay attention. Another 500,000 senior immigrants and there might not be room for me.

When it comes to health care the Doctor is sometimes left out of the picture. What with all the money going to administrators (BCGEU), Nurses (BCNU), janitors, restaurant workers(CUPE) and various other CUPE workers, it is the Doctors who seldom get mentioned. They study and work hard to be where they are.

I have often wondered what if Doctors behaved like Teachers or Nurses and went on strike as opposed to being professional and following their oath. Well yesterday in BC it was revealed that some BC doctors are sending an annual bill to some patients to cover what the Medical services plan does not pay for like phone calls, sending out letters; things that take time but for which cannot be billed. These annual bills are $$140.00 for single people and $$200.00 for family's.

Of course everyone in BC pays an annual bill for about $$$500.00 to get your MSA card. But I noticed in Sweden there is no annual card payment but there is a user payment of $$$20.00 per visit to a max of $$$130.00 This was brought to light by Premier Campbell's tour of four European Nations; Sweden, Norway, France and the United Kingdom. So the consumer pays less and and the system gets used more efficiently as the "pain in the neck" person doesn't abuse the system cause it costs him 20$.

I know from personal experience that if the service is free people abuse it. If you have ever had anything to do with a divorce where one spouse is on Legal Aid you know there will be legal games played that would not be played if the party were paying for the service. Since the service is free, so are the games.

Meanwhile thinking of the Liberals federally I noticed that Federal LIBERAL Keith Martin announced today that he is proposing a public/private hospital and a publicly funded day-care center on the Esquimalt Canadian Forces Base. He said, "There isn't enough money to pay for what we want." Further more he said he proposes a plan to build publicly funded primary health care clinics at 10 military bases across Canada which he will introduce as a private members motion. I guess he is trying to make up for that negative ad approved for the Liberals by that goofball leader that Emerson left.

Meanwhile, like in Abbotsford, Vancouver Island will get a private MRI facility. CML HEALTH Care Imaging that provides service diagnostic testing for a fee. The company opened a clinic in early January to do such. Vancouver Island being the worlds greatest collection of people into alternatives, is only fitting to have such a facility in NDP territory.

But you gotta love Klein who carrys an honest baseball bat and is so honest you can feel the bat hit you. The former PM Martin sees a Dr Sheldon Elman who runs a private clinic in Quebec and works in the public system. What's goose for the francophones is beaver for the Albertans. That approach by Dr. Elman in Quebec is Klein's "third option" where he proposes paying for choice and access while protecting the public system and permitting a doctor to work in both. That is probably the smart thing to do constitutionally speaking if one thinks of the Doctors protected charters rights.

Kleins approach is one which asks, "who can do it cheaper and quicker". The way to achieve that, one might say, is to have an abundance of graduating doctors; an over supply of trained Doctors. But in all reality he is feigning a swing and quite frankly taking a page out of the union play book. Prime ministers Harper will obviously stand up for the Canada Health Act. Klein will get 9 out of 10