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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trudeau is Back

Ok I was a supporter of Pierre Trudeau, even tried to get a nomination once. Then I decided the Liberals were a family compact and I was doomed to be an outsider forever. So I joined the Reform Party, then the Alliance, then the Conservatives. I wanted a fiscal responsible government. Harper had the courage to say no to spending and PET bs. Canada needed that. But the Liberals are back. Their demise will be based on their inability to say no. But that is four years from now.
Harper had to go in my view based on his international view point.

As a young man in university I supported Trudeau One based on his support fur a United Canada based on the Vertical Mosaic, a book about a multi-cultural Canada as opposed to the melting pot USA. But I grew up in a bi cultural Canada. There wasn't a single Muslim in my life or school. And there was a melting pot outlook to the multi cultural Canada on top of the bi and bi. I liked the Canada I grew up in, that my father had grown up in and like his father had grown up in and served in  the Canadian  Armed Forces. I am an average Canadian.

So I will support Trudeau Two including hus inclusion of Muslims in the Canadian identity. I have my doubts it will work given the nature of Islam but I will put that to rest until I am shown wrong by Muslims in Canada. I am a news hound. I find RUssia Today news more honest at times then Canadian news sources. There is a  lack of credible American News channels. They are all a victim of the American entertainment industry. Print is their medium fir news down there. CNN is not news. BBC is news. RT is news. CBC is news.

It will be fascinating to see Trudeau Two cope with the multi cultural country his father built with a recognition of Aboriginal rights as they existed in1982. The  Fathers of Revised Confederation in 1982 could not decide on what Aboriginsl identity or Rights existed in 1982. So in typical Canadian fashion when we don't know we sweep it under the carpet or study it in committee for a decade or two. We don't fight. We study it for a while. We left it up to esteemed judges to do that in the SC of Canada fir 30 years plus.

They came up "consultation and accommodation" as a buffer to outright ownership. Prove you lived  here specifically as a pathway to resolution of ownership to replace the honour of the Crown caveat. As  a pathway to resolve competing claims to usage. Sort of like replacing the Land Titles Office with the SCC