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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Media Promotes War: Russia and Ukraine....but not Channel 2931

I have noticed, being retired and spending my days watching the news that the North American media have a definite bias. I had already noticed that over the years with regards to the American media compared to the Canadian media. That became apparent to me during the start of the Iraq war when the Vancouver daily newspapers or the CBC were telling me there were no WMD's in Iraq and the USA media was telling me the opposite. I watched the CBC telling me about Wolfowitz, and Pearl and other members of a Jewish cabal  pushing for a new American Century and manipulating the Presidency into a war in Iraq for Israels sake which in hindsight is fairly accurate.

 I marveled at how a country's  media really was filled with propaganda telling us lies
on matters involving something as serious as a war when the county is spending its treasure and blood. THAT IS WRONG. Definitively. Morally. Intellectually. Anyway possible. That is something that the people of a country can not accept, nor should we ever accept. Never mind bull shit  about a failure of the spies telling us wrong data. etc etc

 Now I see it again this time in relation to Ukraine. This time I abandoned the typical TV channels. My favorites used to be CBC or CTV. I had a personal preference for CTV. Having Telus as my TV provider I don't have Global news. I always watch the 6 o'clock regular channel Global news but don't have the BC1 global news channel. I'd need Shaw to get that. I mention this to prove that there is no doubt that the ownership of the channel dictates what I get to watch or hear. Telus and Bell are competitors.

Lately I started to view RT (Russia Today) channel 2931 on the Telus provider and wow. Initially I thought it would be a Russia propaganda channel but as it turns out I get more accurate and daily coverage of Ukraine's war on channel 2931 then I do on CTV or CBC, with lots of onsite visual reporting. I knew three days before it was reported on western media(CTV, CBC,CNN, etc) that  the Black box has been found and was being turned over to the Malaysian Air authorities. I knew the found bodies were being stored in a train refrigeration car days before the rest of people just watching western media.

The western media especially CNN and Fox but also CBC and CTV were using this lack of data about the bodies against Russia, undermining Putin and Russia; using it as a propaganda tool. Unbelievable bullshit There seemed to be a concerted "blame Putin" campaign right from the beginning by the western media that was noticeable; from the initial riots in Kyiv to MH17.  Ukraine was getting away with irresponsible murder, riots, over turning elected leaders, installation of fascist regimes, killing civilians, ethnic cleansing, ignoring any elements of democracy with impunity. No criticism by the press whatsoever.
East Russian speaking Terrorist out shopping with her purse

They kept trying to lay the blame at Putin feet ignoring the major role Ukrainian right wing fascists played. That is irresponsible journalism in Canada not only the USA. The victimization or ill treatment of Russian speaking Ukrainians is ignored; not reported and what is happening to them is criminal.
Russians are sub human

Ukraine is run by fascists who are filled with hatred for Russian speaking Ukrainians who are considered sub human to the leadership of Ukraine. The Ukrainians are bombing civilians, shelling civilians, killing civilians solely because they are Russian
East Ukrainian bombed daily
speaking or Russian heritage; fascism called social nationalism. Excuse me why are we as Canadians supporting this grotesque nonsense.

Civilians killed daily

Now I watch RT TV channel more often then CTV or CBC. Channel 2931 on Telus has become my favorite channel. I have gained an honest understanding of Russia that one would never get from any western channel not even the CBC and they arent the evil monsters portrayed by western media.

It confirms to me that Ukraine is more responsible for what is happening over there then is Russia. It isn't someone telling me what I am supposed to know or think. I get to see live coverage on RT TV Channel 2931
Civilians killed by Kyiv army

But the western media are still trying to lay this at Putins feet. Bullshit. CBC, CTV you  are both  full of shit. You are playing the Obama Clinton propaganda pushing the USA dominance of the world game. This belongs at Ukraine's feet beginning (riot) to MH17. Putting a fascist regime in Ukraine is the most provocative thing  you could do to Russia like waving a red flag to a bull.

 Ukraine is the one that should be suffering sanctions. It is almost like the USA is using this fascist regime in Ukraine to undermine Russia and doing so knowingly, like they want a war with Russia.If sanctions had been levied against Ukraine in the beginning then there would have been more talking, less war and in all likelihood MH17 would not have happened.

Russian demonstrators burned alive by Ukrainians
What I see happening is the USA(Canada included) is provoking a war with Russia knowingly, deliberately. The unfortunate and horrendous downing of Flight MH 17 (something Ukraine could have prevented in their airspace) may just be the precipitating event starting WW3 as promoted by the western media including CTV and CBC, And we the supposedly good guys started it. 

The Ukrainians bomb the civilian areas of East Ukraine killing civilians deliberately. They refuse to let E Ukrainians vote like the3 people in Donetsk don't exist except to be killed.
Yatsenyuk the gas syphoner called E Ukrainian Russians sub human

Kids hiding from Ukrainian bombing

I understand why Brazil,Russia, India,China,South Africa(BRICA) banking system started has started.          I see the world wide bullying the USA is doing. This will precipatate a recession in Europe and the world while they try to dom the world. Stupid.

God I wish we still had PM Chretien