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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eastern Ukraine: Let THE People Decide:

Wow. For the first time in my life I find myself on the opposite side in a war. We should all pay attention to this Ukraine situation because many 10s of thousands of people may die. Firstly it must be noted that the elected President is Yanukovych  not Yatsenyuk. That is an indisputable fact. Yatsenyuk is a leader by riot of masked men. Why is Canada and NATO ignoring that fact? And siding with this unelected leader who is there because (BBC special) of right wing almost fascist  support and fascists rioters who were hiding behind masks? This was terrorism as much as the pro Russian demonstrators. All of which is on Russia's door step. One symbol which you can see from the BBC You tube report previously noted, the group behind the Kyiv riots  behind Yatsenyuk, is the Wolfenangel, a neo nazi symbol.

Can you imagine if this was happening next door to us in Canada. It won't because we are fortunate to live next door to the USA. I dont blame Russia for being concerned. They have not seen much in the way of good faith from the west. The west has breached the promise they made to not enlarge NATO following the re unification of Germany after the fall of the Soviet Union. The west kept playing Diplomacy. They did enlarge to every country except for Ukraine. I dont blame Russia for not trusting us. They have had the most direct knowledge and experience in dealing with Nazis. They lost 55 million people to the Nazis in the second world war.

The clock ticks on Ukraine but one thing is for sure, it has revealed a lot of media persona's who have huge question marks over their claims to being journalists of integrity. That is neutral seekers of facts and is the medium by which both power and society can be informed and challenged.

In large measure the current day attitude of Russia has been formed by the west. After the Soviet Union fell, NATO promised Russia that if Germany is reunified NATO will not expand to the countries of the former Soviet Bloc. They did not keep that promise. In fact they breached it by including Latvia, Estonia, Poland and others  and expanding to Russia's doorstep. And now NATO countries are supporting an illegitimate right wing almost fascist government by riot in Ukraine. Do you really thing Russia will ignore this? I dont expect them too and understandably.

The people there don't want it to happen and Ukraine  right wingers brought this about. The Kiev government needs to be leaned on and told to smarten up. Have a referendum

Before the revolution, Ukraine had been mired by years of corruption, mismanagement, lack of economic growth, currency devaluation, and an inability to secure funding from public markets. Because of this, Yanukovych sought to establish closer relations with the European Union (EU) and Russia in order to attract the capital necessary to maintain Ukraine's standard of living without affecting the local population significantly. One of these measures was an association agreement with the European Union which would provide Ukraine with funds contingent to several reforms in almost all aspects of Ukrainian society and break its economic ties with Russia. Yanukovych, at first, considered the contingencies to be fair but ultimately refused to sign the agreement considering it too austere and detrimental to Ukraine. He was right but the right wing disagreed and went on a riot. Instead, Yanukovych signed a treaty with Russia for 2 billion from Russia which sparked civil unrest in Kiev that ultimately led to violent clashes between protestors and law enforcement officers under unclear circumstances. This led to the illegitimate Russian haters  and right wing and pro EU Yansenyuk government being installed.

Why does Canada and NATO recognize this illegitimate government and are willing to send money and support to them but not to the previous government? Unless they really want to start a war. Then we are starting the war. I strongly disagree with my governments approach.They don't care about the people living there. The right wingers in Kiev don't care about the people especially the Russian Ukrainians living there only about right wing power. Why are the pro Russians considered terrorist in their own country by NATO when the Kiev people are unelected and equally terrorists. Canada right wing PM Harper is showing his bias toward right wing politicians.

The Supreme Soviet transferred Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 and in 1992 and 1997 the Russians transferred it to Ukraine. At no time have the Russian Ukrainians ever had a choice in these matters. At all times it was Kiev or Moscow or whoever making decisions about what country they lived in. It is time to give the Russian Ukrainians a choice about where they want to live; in Ukraine or on their own or in Russia. Let the people decide. Given the history in Ukraine I can see why they would choose to live outside of Ukraine. If the EU or NATO or Canada or the USA believe in democracy,let's  let the people decide. That is the only condition the demonstrators want. The US and Canada should lean on the Kyiv people to give the pro Russian speaking demonstrators what they are are asking for; a referendum. Non violent peaceful outcome. Instead they find excuses to blame Russia and avoid a referendum. I saw the celebrations of the Russian speaking people in Crimea and they were ever so genuine about being back in Russia
and away from Ukraine.

But no the right wing Kiev government know they will lose the vote democratically in Eastern Ukraine so they want to force their decision on the Pro Russian demostrators. NATO and the USA know that outcome too. Russia will come to their defense unless they get bullied by the USA to accept an injustice. Otherwise to avoid a war the USA would lean on the Kiev government which they aren't doing. If the USA wanted to prevent a war and lead the way to peace they could. They don't care about the people living there either, just power.

I want to see my country supporting the Russian speaking Ukrainians to have their voice heard in a democratic referendum. Let the people decide. Have a referendum.
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