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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Canada-Muslims-and Sikhs

To be honest, I don't like Muslims and Sikhs. I don't think they are compatible with the values  of Canada. Their have a religion that trumps Canadian values. We would not have the Canada we have today if we had been founded by Sikhs or Muslims. The very values that  attracted Muslims and Sikhs to want to live here would not be here if  we had been founded by Sikhism or  Islam. I like Canada the way it is. My grandfather died in WW 1 fighting for this country and I would fight for this country.

I can remember as a 17 year old when my buddy, his girlfriend and I got a  6 pack of Molson Canadian and drove out to the wiener roast area in the bush to go drink it. Back then in Alberta the drinking age was over 21 years of age. Suddenly out of nowhere the RCMP car drove up and out popped Constable Bob. I can't remember his last name. Because he came up to us and took off his hat and said "Ok listen up I want you to hear this so I am taking my hat off. My name is Bob."

 He then proceeded to give us a little chat about drinking and driving and the horrors of drinking and driving. He explained why being responsible drivers was so very important. He didn't take our beers and pour them out. He then put his hat back on and left. But that little speech he had given us has made Constable Bob and his message live in my head ever since the early 60s. I think his last name was Hault but I cant remember cause he had become Constable Bob. And I remember him as  Constable Bob. That day we finished the beers we had open but didn't open the second ones. We left them in the case. I have been a responsible  driver ever since.

I don't know what happened but over the last 50 years the RCMP changed. When the Sikhs were allowed into the RCMP their religion trumped the image of the RCMP . They put Turbans on their heads and a badge on the Turban. These Turbans can't be taken off the way Constable Bob took his cop hat off to me and my friends so very long ago. I don't like that their religion trumped a National symbol.

Muslims are the same as Sikhs. Their religion trumps our culture, our values.. Yes Trudeau got his Charter passed turning Canada into a multi cultural country. We didn't have an election or choice about the contents of the Charter. Only Quebec was really up to speed and now I am beginning to understand why they didn't sign on. Prior to that we had been a Bi-cultural and Bi-lingual country. The USA was a melting pot but aside from the bi-cultural and bilingual aspects of Canada we used to be a melting pot as well. I grew up in that country and liked it.

Now in Vancouver BC when I go out I feel  uncomfortable when I am completely surrounded by a foreign culture speaking their religion and making no effort to fit in. Rather it is I who must adapt to fit in. I do it but  I'm getting pissed off about it. I recently went into a McDonalds in Surrey and every single person was an East Indian or Sikh and speaking in their language.

I never saw that in Quebec, or Ontario or Alberta when I was growing up. The Italians,the Europeans. the French or the English and the Germans and the Chinese  and the Japanese, Hungarians, the Russians, the various blacks and all the others made  efforts to fit in. They spoke their language at home. I don't see that with Sikhs and Muslims. Rather I see the opposite. They want to change my country and I begrudge that. Canada is a very accepting and fair minded country. It doesn't need any fucking changing.

If you have to use violence to get your way then you lose in Canada automatically. If you have to use a gun or a knife then you are wrong and lose automatically no matter what the cause in Canada.If you have to use violence in Canada then you are on the losing side of any argument. The Sikhs and East Indians in Surrey who think guns are cool should go back to their country and leave Canada alone. Muslims need to accept Canada the way it is and do more to fit in. The RCMP need to quit killing people and get back to their roots , their old image before they put Turbans on and let "religion"  trump the law or the keeping of the law.