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Friday, April 06, 2012

BC needs a People ( read Conservative ) Government; Canadian's future TAXATION at stake

Seriously, in this country, especially in BC, we need to do something to change the direction of taxation. We have been led down the path to financial injustice by too many left wing parties to a path that is not sustainable where by there are two classes of people: the government class and the rest of us. There are those who are rich based on the receipt of an income and a pension and endless benefits (medical and dental) and bonuses from government.

These people think taxes are an endless source of money for them and then there are  the class of people who pay taxes every way we turn. There are taxes on food now the HST (whenever that comes to an end). The GST tax on food will remain. There are taxes on gas which is a tax built into the price of food. There are taxes on hydro and of course there are taxes on income. There are property taxes and the sales taxes on everything we buy besides food. People who work for the public payroll always want more and the Liberal, or left wing politicians, always give them more.

We need a hard nosed political party that is of the people, that is by the people and that is for the people AND not by and for the government people. Canadians have for too long been too trusting of government thinking they would always act for us in our best interests. But we ignored that they were acting for their best interests, that is for their pocket books all along. THIS trust of government  must end. We don't just have one King we have a few 100,000 kings hiding under the name of  civil servants

I don't believe this will end without violence and I mean a good old fashioned Boston Tea party right here in Canada, a revolution complete with guns and shootings. Then and only then will the government class take it serious and make a readjustment. It is time Canadians lost their reputation for being polite; too polite. We have been fools for too long.

It won't happen in Quebec because they are too Catholic which is no more or less then a religious left wing. They still buy into the old catholic idea that it is as hard for a rich man to get into heaven as it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. In the next federal election the NDP must be shut out of Canada and isolated to Quebec.

In BC the Liberal and NDP must both be shut out. We need a leader to stand up for people in BC and for people to trust him or her. Where is he?

Alternatively  in the same fashion that Ronald Reagon brought down communism with the use of 20% interests rates, which brought the Berlin Wall. These can be used to bring down this government class. When interests rates start hitting 12 or 13 % you will see that revolution right here in Canada. No more politeness just a lot of FUCK you government assholes, teachers and nurses included. WE have been too optimistic to think that the ones we elect will actually do something about this problem. 

  WE have been too optimistic to think that the ones we elect will actually do something about this problem. 
Maybe it is time to bring out more then  a watering can as obviously this problem needs some serious attention.