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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The New Canada Post POGG: Harper light years ahead

It used to be that the Federal government was the bigger piece of the equation because of the consititutional peace order and good government provisions of the constitution but the regions have won out and the power has flowed to the regions. Canada has had to confront the historical American dilemma. How does the federal government become the central more powerful entity post POGG?
The Americans used the military might as the weight to tilt in favour of the federal level away from the stateside normal constituional heavyweight the state level. How does Canada federally do that to the Provinces? Never mind the old fashioned equalization grants. PM Harper is on the right track. The employment of the future recovery in Canada will be in the military arena. One need to only review this document to see that Harper is light years ahead of the Liberals and all four of their recent leaders. Or if you want to know where are we heading, here it is in writing. Quite frankly I wish Canada had the same approach with Russia as we do with the USA. The balance of power in the world will not come about until the USA and Russia are partnered up in an alliance. Canada can lead that alliance to fruition.

This is really heady stuff that the Canadian media miss because of their general stupidity as they are always looking for the the penalty shot or the "shoot out" at high noon something like the detainee issue. Like who gives a hoot about one single captured terrorist in Afganistan; terrorists that are willing to put an ax in the back of your head when you are sitting at a shura without your helmut to talk peace. I have no sympathy for those terrorist whatsoever. Maybe the Liberals do or Layton. I sure dont care about dishonourable intolerant fascist suicide bombers.

The issue is really who is the Commander in Chief in Canada. It ain't the Haitian lady And Iggy does' t know what it sport it is yet or Country for that matter.The only person who presents and comes across like a Commander in Chief is Stephen Harper---the only one.