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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

REAL Canadian Heros

It is time to seriously give Pakistan notice that they are at war with the world. I am getting tired of lunatic Islamic terrorists based in Pakistan killing innocents in countries around the world be it the USA, England, Indonesia, India, Russia, trams in Spain, marathons in Boston, be it sport teams, or children in a school like happened in Beslan or young people dancing in a night club like in Bali. When do we hold the country of Pakistan responsible for what emanates from Pakistan? How many Canadian hero's do we need to see die before we go to war with Pakistan?. The reality is that Pakistan is the problem in Afghanistan and I am tired of seeing young brave Canadian lads lose their life because of some insane Muslim terrorist fighting to preserve nonsense. When does Pakistan get confronted? It is a good job I'm not in charge of the Canadian army in Afghanistan cause I'd go bomb and completely eradicate a few dozen Taliban villages over in Pakistan and keep doing that until they stop with these roadside bombs.