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Friday, October 13, 2006

Liberal Philosophy

The current Liberal Philosophy is to let the Media brainwash the masses. The CBC! The CBC! The CBC! The CBC!!! I guess we should throw Jane "I am wearing a popsicle stick" Tabor into that mix This last one reminds me of Jane Tabor from the Globe and Mail or on the CTV Duffy Stronach Liberal Love In Happy Hour. Unreal! It has been some 5 years since I deleted the CBC from my TV and I am so tempted to do the same with CTV. I wish I had an ALTERNATIVE.

My thanks go to politicallywhat and the Times Communist.
When are Muslims going to learn how to tolerate and accept western culture? It's ok to piss on everybody else, but not allah! That's not hypocritical, right! When was the last time you heard about a Buddhish killing a Muslim or a Christian for not believing in his faith? You hear about a Muslim killing somebody everyday for not believing in his faith! This is bullshit and all you liberals know it! CTV should send Jane over to Saudia Arabia to cover some news story or another; a jellaba would be an improvement on her. We wouldn't be able to see her mouth move. Why she sides with the terrorists and Liberals is insane but why does CTV allow her to go on and on about it. It's not like there haven't been 6,182 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11!