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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Four Strong Winds

Years ago when Quebec wanted to be a distinct society I thought they needed to go to Alberta and BC to see a couple of distinct societies. These two western Provinces are complete contrary dichotomies. I spent the first 25 years in Alberta and the last 25 in BC. And I have noticed a real holistic difference between these two. Alberta is positive. BC is negative. Alberta is wholesome and innocent. BC is not what it seems on the surface and can be deceptive.

Alberta cheers the success of its citizens. BC seems to cheer the failure of its citizens. If someone in BC falls on his face the locals and the media seem to relish in his or her failure. If a Premier in Alberta has an alcohol problem and overcomes it, he is regarded as a role model, a great man, a real hero. If a Premier is BC has an alcohol problem he will never be allowed to forget it no matter what. In BC, if an Alderman or a Premier or a hockey player falls on his face, the locals are exalted, critical and negative. In fact that old adage about "people love to kick dead meat" applies to BC. In Alberta people will stop and help you get back on your feet. Americans are the same the way.

This critical negativity in BC is really apparent with the likes of Bertuzzi, the Canucks hockey player. He will never be able to achieve his greatness until he plays for another town like say Calgary or Edmonton. This difference in attitude is why the Alberta hockey towns will have a dozen Stanley Cups before Vancouver gets its first. Calgarians know how to support a team. Vancouver does not. The BC feminists really love to put down a mans’ man and keep him there. Alberta cheers for a winner.

The women in Alberta are real, loving, kind, and wholesome. The women in BC are raving independent feminists who are dedicated to the demands of feminism yet also want to be treated to all the rewards of a real woman. BC women know the power of tits, and high heels and use them but still demand all the benefits and advantages of a critical feminist. BC women will cut a man open. Alberta women will sew him up.

The good things that happen to BC come from outside the Province. In Alberta the good things come from within the Province. The people of Calgary or Edmonton or Red Deer or Lethbridge are friendly cooperative, helpful, giving, or supportive. The people of BC are selfish, critical, cynical, demanding, lazy and socialistic. Alberta types know what hard work is all about. Just ask any farmer or rancher around Calgary.

BC types are into alternative lifestyles, or into successive causes. In fact some BC types are addicted to negative causes that can always be rationalized as good. I am surprised they don’t protest the cutting of grass. That might be confused with grass they want to cut. There are tree huggers not because they love trees but because they love to be negative. Alberta people are into projects or undertakings and bring a positive attitude to them. BC does not have a Conservative Party. Alberta does. BC is into negative socialism and politically correct albeit confusing alternatives and very committed to obfuscating other causes with this negative political correctness. Alberta likes to keep it simple, straightforward, practical and honest. Politically correct is fine in Alberta if it works and is practical. Alberta has lots of God and oil. BC has lots of covens and alternative life styles including polygamy and trees.

BC has an Ocean and Mountains and those are BC’s only and major benefits; its saving grace. Otherwise most people would choose Alberta. Four strong winds that blow lonely, seven seas that run high, think Ill go out to Alberta, weather's good there in the fall, got some friends that I go to working for….

Or something like that.