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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Confronting the Islamic Crusade(Clean Break)

The Muslim Crusade(Invasion) has started. The war in Iraq definitely makes the world, including Canada, have to focus on the issue that will affect all of us for the coming half century. And I would add the 10's of thousands of Syrians now dying are doing so because of the USA' s war in Iraq. Some would describe that issue as achieving a peaceful coexistence between Islam and the rest of the world. I describe it as the confronting of the Islamic Crusade.The issue is not the nature of the West, but rather the nature of Islam from Pakistan to Morocco from Bali to Madrid, from Beslan to London, from Sharm al-Sheikh to Cairo, from recently in Egypt to 911 in New York, from cartoons to killing priests. So many pieces of evidence about this Islamic Crusade, makes it hard to deny. Some can not see it. Some say Iran is a clear and present danger. This Muslim Crusade is against every culture. Either you are Muslim or you are an Infidel. Consider Mumbai, India and the Muslim terrorists there.

Liberal or Conservative. When do we all wake up? It is time to get deadly serious.

To listen to the likes of Osama Bin Laden, (or the leader of Iran for that matter), one would get the impression it is the Western World that is the aggressor. Invariably they always point to the Israel/Palestinian conflict as an example of lands being taken away from Arabs to justify themselves and their Crusade. They make this accusation to jump shift the perception of the conflict, from the nature of Islam, to the nature of Israel's Jews and their "promised lands" or religious goals. It is fascinating to see the CBC side with the Lebanese and excuse the Hezbollah rockets sent into Israel while demanding a balanced response by the state of Israel. These very same leftest would be demanding action when the rockets are landing in an Ottawa back yard.

However this war in Iraq brings the real issue into focus and forces the world to acknowledge that the problem is, equally if not more so, the nature of Islam. These wars will go on until Islam deals with the shortcomings of their violent Shariah Islamic nature. ..or are forced to which is more likely: i.e. World War III.While other legal codes deal primarily with public behavior, Sharia law covers public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam's Sharia law is the most intrusive and strict, especially against women.

One can not have politics based on the fear of death as persuasion. Iraq forces a choosing of the way for Arabs and the Islamic world. Do they want politics based on fear of death or politics based on non- violent democratic free choice? Fear or free will Faith, that is the question! Never mind about the 1900 year old dreams of the "promised lands" and the West Bank issue. The problem is the nature of Islam.

There are leaders, especially military types, like Ariel Sharon who are miles ahead of everyone else. Like chess players they see the board so many more moves ahead. I remember a speech he made, directed at the USA, shortly after 911 pleading for Israel to not to be treated like Czechoslovakia. Historians will remember that Britain and Europe made peace with Hitler by letting him have Czechoslovakia. Of course that country wasn't enough for Germany, as Germany next marched into and took Poland which started the Second World War. To days Czechoslovakia was Kosovo which the Muslims got over the Serbs. They also want Kashmir,Israel,Spain,France, and most of Southern Russia.

These World Wars always start after a tip in the balance of power eh! The downing of the Berlin Wall was the more recent tip. And France is playing the same game of sitting on the fence except this time they will get a picket up the asshole.

Who in the world would want a neighbour who uses suicide bombers, and kills innocent people to advance their arguments? Who? Sunnis? Shia? Kurds? Jews? Pakistanis? Russians?Americans? Who? Muslim terrorists are a kind of people who are a virus that must be exterminated be they in Lebanon or Canada.

The answer to the previous question, Mr Osama Bin Laden, is no one wants you as a neighbour other then some left wing chickenshit who will not speak up. The same answer goes for Mr. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. That answer would be the same answer whether you are a Buddhist, a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, or an atheist because people world wide all use the same brain cells. All people would choose to exterminate that kind of virus.

The real insanity or injustice to Muslims has to do with the extent to which the USA is controlled by Jewish Americans certainly at least as far as its foreign policy is concerned. That is evident by reviewing the document, "A Clean Break" ( Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy ). That document signed by the senior Jewish people (Richard Perle, Douglas Firth, David Wurmser,) in Bush's Whitehouse predicts the war in Iraq, points to a war in Iraq, and justifies a war in Iraq for Israel's sake not , I repeat NOT, for the sake of the USA. Those guidelines set out in that Clean Break document were adopted by Wolfowitz and Bush when the naive Bush declared his National Security Strategy. How many young Americans have died for Bush's naivety or for Israel's sake because of this National Security Strategy? Dispite all of this, Osama cancelled it all by employing such illegitimate means on 911.

Was Baraks offer really reasonable? Not really! What is the difference between Hamas and Al-Qaeda? If Hamas resorts to suicide bombings does this make Saudi Arabia complicit? What is the difference between a suicide bombing and a suicide nuke? Is this an Islamic Crusade or Christian Crusade? I think the answers are obvious.