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Monday, April 17, 2006

Mexicans Getting Kinda Arrogant

My sympathies kinda go out to the Americans who have been invaded by a foreign people. These foreign people, Mexicans, from another country, Mexico, are now threatening the Americans to accept this invasion or else. See this story. This is notice to Canada to ensure all immigrants are here lawfully and to do so NOW not later. The real insanity is when illegal immigrants demand changes to the fundamental laws like Mexifornia does. It is time to say no to illegal immigration not to mention kidnapping. Meanwhile Mexicans are the welcome wagon to arrivals to Detroit.
Considering what the people of Mexico have done to Mexico, what is to say they won't do the same to the USA? Let's face it, the way Mexicans have gone about immigration shows you the respect Mexicans have for law and order. Are corrupt cops and officials in the USA too far behind? You know "little bites".

It would be interesting to see some Liberals being interviewed on the CBC for their views about what the USA should do on their immigration policy. Liberals want to tell the USA what to do with everything else.

I have to say, if Mexicans were to do that to Canada, that as a third generation Canadian I consider myself an aboriginal and would demand tax free status for my descendants forever just like the immigrant aboriginals before me.