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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yes! Blood is Thicker then Water and Always will Be

The more I read the posts on line, the more I know in my mind and heart that Canada needs Harper. It is time to get that pendulum going right; back to the center where people have choice and freedom. The negative judgmental left wing Liberals are politically correct to themselves only. Think about it. For instance! If you read the Communist Manifesto or Karl Marx you will see the Liberal blue print spelled out in black and white. It describes exactly what and where the left wingers want to take us. It says what they want to do with the family unit which is basically do away with it. They want to put them all in condo communes, so the men and women can stay working in the fields and factories. But fortunately as the Soviet Union found out, blood is thicker then water and always will be.

Children will always be better with their moms and dads then at a day care, always and forever no matter what.

Fortunately by living in Vancouver I see from the Chinese and East Indian communities the intrinsic value of the strong "family" unit. The Liberals have been undermining the family unit for decades. They are forcing people to live the way they (being the Liberals) want. They have been taking away the responsibilities of families and giving them to nicely paid unionized workers be they teachers(BCTU) or care workers(BCGEU). Why not give that money to the family to begin with! Give families the choice and freedom. Do something that is for sure in the best interests of children. The Liberals talk about being politically correct and push the Belinda Stronach example which I am sorry is repugnant to me. Completely alien and undesirable.

Think about it. The Liberals keep taking away the responsibilities that used to be a family's responsibility and foreclosing their rights. The Liberals think they know better what is best for everyone. God forbid that families are able to afford popcorn and beer with more years of Liberals. The Liberals know best how to waste our money bribing their way to power with our money and making that politically correct.

40 years ago families were responsible for their children's education, and care of babies and the young and care of their family's seniors, the sick and the handicapped and these families stayed together forever. Now the Liberal government wants to do it all almost from birth. Keep those men and women in the fields and factories and tax em to the hilt. Make it so expensive that staying at home is not a choice. Staying at home is not taxable. God forbid.

You can't tax a parent sitting at home looking after his or her kids.Thats exactly what Karl Marx wanted or the Liberals want. The Liberals don't trust people with their own money so it must be taken away from them and they must be sent back to work and 50% or more of their wages sent to government so the Liberals can spend it to stay in power while our kids are cared for by homosexuals in day cares working at a union wage.

Enough of these socialists Liberals. Trudeau said it best when he took the Liberals left saying "when the pendulum goes too far in one direction, it is time to take it back in the other direction." We need to sent the Liberals to the same wilderness that we sent Mulroney and the Conservatives. We need to send them a "shut up" message. I am so sick and tired of hearing them whine the politically correct blues. They need to regain a respect for the value and intelligence of the heterosexual, married, nuclear, family unit that I see in the Chinese and East Indian family units in Vancouver.

It is time to get back to basics and away from the unethical Liberals complete and total lack of principle or any respect for the individual. I trust the individual much more then I trust the state. Once the state has control, they don't trust the individual any more.(insert big laugh here)They side with the institution they represent. In fact they invent a whole new bureaucracy to over see the institution they invented to replace Mom and Dad and waste even more money on middle management just like the Ministry of Child Family and Community Services in BC does. The negative success rate of that Ministry can be see in Criminal Provincial Court over and over again.

The Left Wingers view the individual Mom and Dad as too ignorant, too untrustworthy, too uncontrollable , too free. These individuals might waste any extra cash they have on beer and popcorn. These free individuals might be politically incorrect and teach his kids to be right wing unlike the way striking BC teachers do. The Liberals think that the only people that can look after children are overpaid unionized workers who are trained to be caring and who have an educated professional approach to children. These so called professionals are the ones who will then use their position to indoctrinate their young charges. Liberals think parents need to get back to taxable employment asap. Excuse me, and I am sorry, but to the Liberals, fuck you. You bastards can go to hell. I prefer a real woman and a real mother.