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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let's Do The Liberals A Favour

Let us as Canadians reduce the current Liberal bunch to a handful and almost extinguish them.

Let us do to the Liberals what we did to the Conservatives after Mulroney. That will force them back to their grassroots and force them to re-invent themselves from the bottom up as opposed to their current culture of entitlement. In all honesty, if one looks at the current parties, Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Bloc, you have to admit that three of them are from the bottom up. Three of them represent the people. Three of them have policies that were created and based on what the people say at the door, face to face. The Liberals get their ideas from lobbyists, insiders and other well connected Liberals. They gain their support by fraud and deceit. Their policies are top down while the other three partys are bottom up.

After Mulroney the Conservatives had to get back to the grass roots and rebuild their foundation, their platform, their policies, their direction. They did that. They struggled but did it honestly and consistently by talking to people. We need to unite as Canadians coast to coast and we can accomplish that by sending the Liberals to the same wilderness we sent the Conservatives after Mulroney. That will force the Liberals to learn that they aren't entitled, that they can not assume the support of the people and behave in an unethical or dishonest manner. They can not ignor the people's wishes or values. They cant go in 56 directions at the same time.

The reality is that, based on Hansard, the Conservatives and NDP, more often then any of the other parties, vote together in the same direction on the same issues. That forced me to look at both the NDP and Conservatives and forced me to decide between trusting Government or trusting the individual. I must admit that the deciding factor is the difference between a party that must always side with their union base even if it means outpricing the cost of health insurance for us, the people and one that is not so beholding.

You have to admit that Layton sides with the union wages made by people in the health field and protects that first which belies, in fact undermines, his committment to free medical care. He is like the union business agent and sides with his support not the people being served. If there is one thing that I have learned after some 40 years, it is that the private sector always does things more effectively and efficently ( ie cheaper and quicker) then does government. Always. No matter the Conservatives are my choice. But NDP or Conservative is the answer. Let us get rid of the Liberals and do them a favour. And do the country a favour. After watching the debates you can sense the hatred between the Liberals and the Quebecers; a hatred that almost drips.

In reality Mulroney did the Conservatives an indirect favour by losing so badly. We need to send the Liberals back to the drawing boards so they can learn the values of integrity and honesty and principles and policies and consistency and based from the ground up. Then they lose their arrogant culture of spin and entitlement. In the next election we must insure there are only a handful of Liberals left from PQ to BC. That will mean a Conservative majority with fewer Liberals then the Bloc. Then the Liberals will look in the mirror which always only happens after a major defeat.. Lets do them a favour.

Harper Is Canada's Future

The more I read the posts on the net, the more I know in my mind and heart that Canada needs Harper. It’s time to get that pendulum going right; back to the center. If you read the communist manifesto or Karl Marx you will see where the left wingers want to do away with the family unit and put them all in condos so the men and women can stay working in the fields and factories.

Fortunately by living in Vancouver I see from the Chinese and East Indian communities the intrinsic value of the strong "family" unit. The Liberals have been undermining the family unit for decades. They are forcing people to live the way they (being the Liberals) want.

Think about it. The Liberals keep taking away the responsibilities that used to be a family's responsibility and foreclosing their rights. The Liberals think they know better what is best for everyone. God forbid that families are able to afford popcorn and beer with more years of Liberals. The Liberals know best how to waste our money bribing their way to power with our money. 40 years ago families were responsible for their children’s education, and care of the young and care of their family's seniors and these families stayed together forever. Now the Liberal government wants to do it all almost from birth. Keep those men and women in the fields and factories and tax em to the hilt.

You can't tax a parent sitting at home looking after his or her kids.Thats exactly what Karl Marx wanted or Paul Martin wants. The Liberals don't trust people with their own money so it must be taken away from them and they must be sent back to work and 50% or more of their wages sent to government so the Liberals can spend it to stay in power while our kids are cared for by homosexuals in day cares working at a union wage.

Enough of these Liberals. Trudeau said it best when he took the Liberals left saying when the pendulum goes to far one way its time to take it in the other direction. We need to sent Paul Martin and the Liberals to the same wilderness that we sent Mulroney and the Conservatives then maybe the Liberals and Belinda will rediscover integrity. And the value and intelligence of the heterosexual, married, nuclear, family unit that I see in the Chinese and East Indian family units in Vancouver.It’s time to get back to basics and away from the unethical Liberals complete and total lack of principle.

Listen Up Ontario. Please. How Many Jane Crebas Do You Need?

It is surprising that Ontario does not feel the same sense of alienation from Ottawa as does BC or Alberta. There have been Jane Creba type situations out here for 15 years. The Reform Party called for stiffer legal penalties, prescribed minimum sentences, automatic and quick deportations for serious crimes committed by non citizens. The Liberal Party ignored the pleas. The Alliance Party called for the same. The Conservative Party has called for the same thing. Again the touchy feely revolving door Liberals ignored them.

In fact Chuck Cadman who lost his son to the same senseless violence got elected as a Conservative in Surrey BC on that issue alone. The Liberals ignored him. Now, after Jane Creba, maybe the Ontario people will finally agree to get rid of these frigging Liberals. How many Jane Crebas do you need?

Please note this. Andre Thompson, the only person so far charged in relation to the Jane Creba murder situation, was sentenced for an armed robbery on Oct 6. He had a previous record for the same thing and for other charges like assault. What is Sam Hell is he doing on the street two months later? If the courts will not protect us from these lunatics, then the House of Commons must. Criminal Law is exclusively a federal jurisdiction. These matters are completely within Martins hands. The Liberals have ignored this area for decades with notice after notice. The Reform Party brought it to their notice. The Alliance Party did the same. The Conservative did the same. Where is the Liberal leadership? They are too busy handing out envelopes full of money to Quebecers.

Maybe after Jane Creba, the people of Ontario will start to feel the same sense of alienation that we feel out west. The west has been saying this over and over for the last 4 elections to no avail.

I can already foresee the Liberal approach. They will have a task force to develop some touchy feely approach that focuses on rehabilitation and take years to define. They will ban handguns as if that is the answer. We need answers not posturing. They will do everything except amend the sentencing provisions of Criminal Code which is the frigging answer. They will do anything that doesn’t change the mess they have with the Ministry of Immigration. If the people of Ontario re-elect the Liberals then I give up.