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Friday, April 14, 2006

Should I have stayed a Liberal?

I did a mental review or doublecheck of the reasoning and my decision to quit the Liberals and join the Conservatives. After some honest thought, I reaffirmed my decision whole heartedly. The bottom line was the thought that I should have switched 8 years ago after Chretien's first four. Because today for the first time in over a decade I don't feel so cynical or disillusioned, or uncomfortable in my own country. I don't feel like am unethical phoney with no direction which is how I felt supporting the Liberal Party. I am starting to see our country clearly and in focus. I have a new found energy for Canada and for the Conservative view. I believe. And with that belief am able to commit and stand up for Canada. That is so refreshing. Energizing.

I wander around various blogs, left or right, and read away and can recognize where I came from and got to. I came across one that was especially poignant. It got me shaking my head in agreement. This is the Climbing Out of The Dark into the Conservative light blog. Have a read. Bang on the money. He says, "After 13 years of Liberals doing nothing, I listened to an activist (Liberal) saying the Conservatives are 'running out of time.' They've only been in power 2 months!!! But, they are running out of time?? I didn't hear these people running off at the mouth about the Liberals running out of time."

I had to agree. The Liberals and the NDP are grabbing at straws trying to make mountains out of molehills and it is so apparent.

Or he said, "Enviro weenies running scared, saying, the opposition should bring the Conservatives DOWN, because they are cutting funding to their groups, that have had 13+ years under the Liberals, to do something, but haven't. As a matter of fact the greenhouse gases have increased by 30%. Don't blame Kyoto, blame these weenies for getting grants and doing nothing for 13 years."

I had to agree.

Climbingoutofthedark says, "NDP were harping about passports.....hummmmmmm... that bill was passed in the US Congress 2 years ago (you know another COUNTRY), what did they do about it??? Must be "moved on quickly. Okay, my head aches, eyes are spinning....everyone knows what's best for us the voters, and all of a sudden, everything is needed immediately, or sooner."

I had to agree. Who are we to tell another country to rescind their laws dealing with their security. Where have the NDP and Liberals been for the last two years. The Liberals with NDP support were governing. Now it must be moved on quickly.

He said, "One thing I notice watching/listening to all these pleas, is a shrillness, a panic. I smell fear!!"

I had to agree. The more Liberal or NDP blogs I read the more I can see their fatigue, and their fear with the Liberal apparatus. The various supposed Liberal leader contenders can sense it as well. Thats why the long time Liberals aren't running. They know the Liberal Party has to hit bottom and they ain't there yet. They are proceeding on the basis that the "masses are asses" and can be conned into buying a cosmetic change as representing a change in their soul. They are treating the Canadian voter like that ass who can not be trusted with his own money cause he might waste it on beer and popcorn.

Then you can read the typical left wing stuff that gives you a headache. I read them and shake my head "no". These ideas are contrary to everything I have seen in 60 years of living.

Then I read a bunch of Liberal blogs and I see the same disillusioned feelings of being adrift I felt before joining the Conservatives.

For some reason many of the Liberal supporters are Anti-American. This has a lot to do with the CBC and Bush neither of whom represent Canada. When one reads the Liberal blogs, they all have negative feelings about Bush and American politics; as if that justify's their belonging to the Liberals. Dislike of Bush is the one common basis to all Liberals. One thing I notice watching/listening to all these Liberal Blogs is their grabbing at straws, a shrillness, a panic. I see denial. I smell fear.

I am beginning to think many of them are beginning to recognize that Conservatives have some good points that have long needed addressing about a variety of topics. And the Liberals deserved being turfed. About the only thing holding the Liberals together is this negative feeling about another country's President. And those negative feelings prevent them from looking at their own issues. The Liberals are not ready to look in the mirrow. Like Michael Jackson says or sings," If you want to make the world a better place take a look at the man in the mirrow and....... make a change." Pointing their finger at Bush prevents them from doing that. Harper is not Bush and Bush aint so bad. The Liberals are hiding behind that pointed and wagging finger.

I recently read Ann Coulter about the American immigration issue and found myself in total agreement. There are so many issues that Canadians have ignored for years out of fear of being politically incorrect. The more I see of Harper I more I know who let the dogs out. It was the Conservative Party. I dont care who the Liberals get to lead them. I ain't going back.

I like a Prime Minister who says, "Fuck you" to the press. It is about time. I remember Chretien being interviewed by the CBC's Peter Mansbridge the day before the election in 1996. Firstly it should be noted that the CBC gave Chretien the last or hammer interview, the night before the election, compared to the other leaders. Nothing blantant about the bias of the CBC. And I remember thinking when it was finished that not only, did Chretien got treated with kid gloves, but also got royal treatment. It was a Chretien promotion from the get-go for 30 minutes and on the night before the election. As Chretien was leaving he shook Peter Mansbridges hand and jokingly said, "Your cheque is in the mail." Given what we have learned from the Gomery inquiry, maybe it wasn't a joke. It certainly was a very favourable and biased Liberal interview by the Canadian tax payer funded National Broadcasting station the CBC. At the time I was a Liberal and thought ha ha. In hindsight, I begrudge the CBC being a Liberal propaganda machine and an anti-American, anti-Bush, anti Republican, anti Conservative, propaganda machine on the tax payers $$$.

I like and agree with Ann Coulter's views. They are funny and reflect my thoughts completely. I wish I could apply them to Canada. The CBC no longer reflects my views at all.

As Ann Coulter says and I freely paraphrase, "There are more than 6 billion people in the world, many of whom apparently like the idea of living in one of the wealthiest democracies on Earth. But if the billions of people of the world did live here, it would not be "here" anymore. Canada is special for a reason that must transcend the right to vote or everyone would be trying to immigrate to Iraq right now; not to mention the Health Care line ups would be impossible."

There is an excellent American blog known as American Daughter which has the following picture for their countries Liberals who kindly want to give all those who entered the United States illegally guest worker visas. That picture says continent so that includes Canada. Maybe those people should try going to Iran. Not to mention as a third generation Canadian I consider myself an aboriginal and want tax free status for the rest of my ancestors lives. I hate to sound like a Conservative but it is time to stand up for Canada. And there are many Liberals who would not do that despite being entitled to their entitlements. All I can say to these Mexicans is remember the Alamo.

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