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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shura and Dishonourable Two Faced Muslims

Lieutenant Trevor Greene was whacked in the head with an axe by a Muslim who came at him from behind while all parties were sitting at a Shura with the elders of the community. The fact that all the children were moved away two minutes before this dishonourable cowardly act shows that this was planned by the Muslims in attendance at this meeting. Who says Muslims can be trusted. Not me. Not any more.The Muslims that did this at a Shura were dastardly, barbaric, two-faced phonies with no honour and deserving of no respect. Lieutenant Trevor Greene had removed his helmut and was sitting cross legged with the Muslim elders when he was attacked from behind. He was sticking his neck out to help them. And they attack him with an axe from behind. Barbaric assholes like that deserve no respect. None.

Lieutenant Greene is a Vancouver BC man; an author, a journalist and a soldier who was always committed to helping others. The book he wrote was about the missing East Side Vancouver Women.

Lieutenant Trevor Greene is now a Captain. A Shura is supposed to be a place where the host guarantees the safety of it's guests. A peaceful place to consult. As opposed to enticing one to remove his helmut so someone can whack him from behind in the head with an axe. It is a good job I'm not in charge of the army. I would not talk to that Afghanistan village anymore, not after such cowardly sneakiness. I'd just nuke em. And I'd do it with a bomb that said, "Here you go Allah Akbars, you cowardly bastards." If that's the way you want to play... Fortunately I am not in charge of the Army. In fact the army will continue to use the Shura and I must say I am very proud of their patience and discipline.

It was the Afghanistan Muslim yahoos who started this with their unprovoked attack on the World Trade Center.(Albeit, to accommodate those Liberal drive by smears, utilizing Muslims from other countries) It is time they were showed the same level of respect. I'm not sure where in the Koran one would find it, but it will be in there. It is the part that says "what you put into the lives of others shall come back into your own". Canadians will remember the Shura Axe. All Canadians except Liberals who have no honour, unless it is politically correct.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia runs by way of the Shura. Would a foreign leader be safe visiting Saudi Arabia and speaking to their King or would he be axed from behind. How valid is the Shura? Saudi Arabia claims the Shura is a time honoured Koran santioned deeply ingrained practice of Muslims. Has Saudia Arabia spoken against what happened to Captain Trevor Greene?

Will we see 10 of thousands of Muslims protesting this flagrant abuse of the Koran?
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