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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Victoria---The City of Correctors

Nothing like it exists anywhere in Canada. Victoria is the only one. A distinct society. A city of correctors. Nothing epitomizes this more then the hot issue at the University of Victoria over rabbits.

A few years ago when I smoked, I remember sitting on a bench relaxing. I got to watch two Victoria female motorists approach a four way stop intersection. The first to stop waved through the second to stop. But the second to stop was on the left intersection and waved the vehicle on the right to go ahead. Both vehicles refused to follow the others instructions. Before you know it, both drivers were out of their vehicle to correct the other. Both were wagging their fore finger using that Alanon handshake, "You're wrong",

Amazing! That's when I decided that Victoria was a City of mutual correctors.Everyone is always correcting everyone. In this City it is the norm and sort of like a catagious disease. They are shaking hands with their rights and shaking forefingers correcting with their lefts; very typical left wing.

The only people that always win that argument are the street people who have that "fuck you" attitude and dont care about any thing or anyone. They revel in being incorrect and that is so freeing.

Recently the University of Victoria has become over run with released pet rabbits that over the years have multiplied to the point of many thousands. And which rabbits eat the special flowers cultivated by the Horticultural Society. Back in the day when being practical ruled, we'd just shoot these pests and be done with it, but being Victoria, this issue brought out the various correctors.

The plant people wanted to do the correct thing and build more fences. UVic tried to convince the public to be correct and that rabbits are pets and should not be released on campus. Some wanted them removed.

The animal rights wanted them treated humanely and wanted them captured and sterilized before being relocated as the correct way to deal with them. But there were two groups of animal rights. One group were concerned about the rabbits emotionally and felt moving them would be traumatic and emotionally distubing.

The Provincial bureaucrats dictate that feral wildlife can not be moved more then one kilometer and ministerial permits and inspections are required for the transportation. This stopped any move.

Meanwhile 40 year old, two feet wide, Tulip Trees are being knawed and chewed down by bunnies like pine by beavers. Campus Lawns are full of bunny dung and rendered useless. More then $20,000 worth of special plants have disappeared, knawed to their roots. 500 bunnies have become 1000 which have become 2000 bunnies going on to 4000 The growing list of correctors continue the debate. The rabbits have spread to the neighbourhood,begonias,lilacs. Can the lush flowers of Oak Bay, not eaten by deer, be far away from thre bunny diet.

The City of Correctors has met its match. Its not street people. Its bunnies

I say bring out the guns and make money. Kill them all, cut off their paws and sell them as key chain good luck charms to cruising tourists. Be practical. Make money from dead rabbits. Make rabbit stew and feed the homeless. BE GREEN. Dont waste any parts.

I had to give up smoking because in Victoria it is only correct to smoke when it is raining and while standing outside and doing so in the middle of the street out where the cars move. The City of Correctos won out over my addiction. I needed to be correct.I should have emulated the street people or the bunnies

On downtown sidewalks I see many correctors correcting one another at the same time; fore fingers mutally wagging or middle fingers sticking up and upper. The sunshine really brings out the correcters and gives me new found respect for the steet people and the "fuck you" philosophy. I hate correctors as they bring everything to a standing still stalemate. Hughmongous efforts going nowhere as correctors scrabble to correct the not so correct and being corrected by the philosophically correct but stopped by the legally correct only to be critiqued by the editorially correct and redirected by the other correct groups, covens, cabals and covert operations of alternative special interests wanting to control. It is bridge without trump. Go bunnys go. Oak Bay is that way

Monday, March 13, 2006

911 Muslims, Canada and my choice.

Finally, the issue gets in focus. I remember seeing a picture shortly after 911. It was a picture of a big black man who was in mid air, his arms by his side, as he hurtled down 115 floors head first, and straight as an arrow, going down fast, yet almost seemingly in slow motion, to a certain death. I can remember squinting and getting closer to this picture. I wanted to see his face. It was obvious by the man's arms being beside him, while going down head first, that THIS was a deliberate act on his part. He was diving to his death head first, bravely.

It took a bit but then I realized why. He had had to choose between burning to death or diving down 115 floors to his death. Can you imagine? He had choose to dive knowingly and did so bravely. It is a picture I will never forget. A Muslim like Osama Bin Laden, with support throughout the Muslim world, put that diver in that "straight from hell" position; burn or dive to death. That black man, for all intents and purposes, was completely an innocent man. The Muslims who brought down the WTC represent an unchangeable traditional Muslim view that is not open to negotiation; completely intransigent. We recently saw them protesting and killing world wide over a cartoon.

I don't know if the diver was one of the 25 Canadians that died in the World Trade Center or one of the other 3000 innocent people from 30 plus countries that died because of this Muslim based terrorism; a terrorism based on their religion; a traditional Shariah Muslim view as espoused by the lunatic Osama Bin Laden and followed by many Muslims throughout the world.

The West may have had its Reformation, Spanish Inquisition, it's Catholic based theocracies some 300 years ago. There is no doubt that this Muslim based Fascist approach to government and society grounded solely by Islam theology has to be confronted. If Osama's Islam had it's way every non-Muslim country in the world would be pushed into the sea. I am surprised that any Conservative or Liberal minded person could argue otherwise. The Muslims in Kosovo (the KLA) got away with it only because Milosovic got carried away with Croats first.

Bush's detour into Iraq may have diverted or clouded the issue because of the American bias towards Israel and their hunger for oil, but there is no doubt that the extremist Muslim theocratic Shariah government issue must be confronted. Ask that black man who jumped off the World Trade Center. Ask Captain Trevor Greene. The traditional Taliban type Muslim, being protected initially by Afghanistan and now by Pakistan, are a barbaric virus that needs to be eliminated if they resist the Muslim Reformation which given the nature of their religion I know they will. Consider the tens of thousands who protested a cartoon yet were silent about 911!

The Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in 1996. It hosted and protected al-Qaeda and Osama, not to mention his training camps. It allowed him to plot and carry out the 911 terrorist attacks on the WTC in 2001 against our NATO ally the USA. I mention all this just in case Jack Layton is reading. PM Stephen Harper is on the right track.

Thanks Stephen. This is one of the pictures showing that falling man. The one I remember shows him higher up and with his arms by his side. If I can ever find that photo again I'll post it here.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Battle of Khartoon Ridge

The Muslim reaction to those Danish cartoons reminds me of that Shakespeare line, "Methinks they doth protest too loudly" That was Shakespear's way of identifying someone whose lies have been found out. He has been outed! The exterior phoniness has been laid bare for all to see. And the one who has been found out protests in an excessive manner which exposes his shortcomings even more.

They say respect is earned not deserved. Muslims want us to respect this "not-to-be-seen" Mohammed but the followers of Mohammed have not been behaving in a way that deserves respect. This is especially so given the wholesale killing of innocent people world wide. There is an ever growing list of examples, dare I say convincing evidence showing Islam to be an intolerant religion equating with totalitarianism on the same level as Fascism. Or to put it more bluntly, either you are a Muslim or you are dead.

WE need only review the murder of innocents in Bali, Spain, New Delhi, World Trade Center, Beslan, London, Iraq and more. The cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his head dress is fairly accurate. It is definitely fair comment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that depiction of Mohammed shows that one cartoon is worth ten thousand suicide bombers. Me thinks they doth protest too loudly.

If as Peter McKay would have us believe, the freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly, then the republication of those cartoons is responsible. Those cartoons hold up a mirror to Muslims. And basically asks, “Will the real Muslims please stand up?� Or does that cartoon depict the real Muslim? That is the question. It is a real serious question and one which the mainstream media in Canada and Peter McKay ignore.

Is the idea that there are moderate Muslims an invalid assumption? Let's face it. We did not see 10's of thousands of Muslims protesting the actions of Muslims in the slaughter of thousands of innocents in Bali, Beslan, London, Spain, Iraq, or the World Trade Center or more recently Fort Hood. But we do see 10’s of thousands of Muslims protesting a cartoon???? There is something wrong with these scales and it ain't in Denmark. It is in the Muslim community.

Why should anyone apologize for holding up a mirror to a group to show them the image they project? Or is that image an accurate projection of the very core of the group?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Muslims, multicultural, and Canada

Last summer on a hot Saturday, I spent another most enjoyable afternoon and evening at Butchart Gardens here in Victoria. The Symphony of Fire in Vancouver is a Mickey Mouse effort compared to the fireworks every Saturday at Victoria's Butchart Gardens. The performance at Butchart is a spectacular display of light and fireworks in, around, out of, and above a forest setting. Intricate, coordinated, and creative! They are a liquid, celestial and floral mixture of water, light and fireworks in harmony with a musical score. Simply incredible! In the words of a former life...Wow!

There is nothing hollow about the fireworks on a Saturday at Butchart. The only thing missing is a sizzling, stand-out, marketing name like Vancouver's Symphony of Fire. On Vancouver Island,the Butchart display is simply known as the fireworks. This simplicity is so typical of Vancouver Islanders. We can't let anyone know how extraordinarily awesome things are out here, as it might attract other people; so we tend to keep it secret, simple, and quiet.

Last August on that hot Saturday I spent the day wandering between the huge begonias, giant rhododendrons, the roses, dahlias and an endless variety of flowers living and co-mingled together that somehow replicates the multiculturalism that makes Canada so unique. So many cultures living in harmony and peace mixed together side by each as the Nova Scotia types would say.

The particular Saturday to which I am referring was a couple of weeks after the London subway bombings occurred. At that time the newspapers and airways were filled with the news about the perpetrators of that London horror. The perpetrators were British home grown Muslims; 4 young men who had gone to Pakistan to train and learn and came back as terrorists. They were willing to kill completely innocent people for whatever insane reason.

I spent the sun-filled afternoon wandering the acres and acres of floral displays; western, European, Oriental, you name it. Then after an "Iron Chef" meal in their "Summer Cottage" styled restaurant, I went to the sloped field where the "fireworks" are displayed as night falls. Leaving the restaurant made me feel like I was leaving a painting.

I wandered into the sloped field early to find a place to sit. Being a smoker I found a spot where I could be comfortable and have a smoke without bothering the militant non smoker types. You know the ones who express their "progressive", politically correct attitude by waving their hands in the air when a smoker walks by. The smoking spot usually tends to be near the garbage cans of course. So I got comfortable next to the cans and people watched.

After a few moments I noticed a Muslim nuclear family coming down the graveled pathway into the grassy field. They had their traditional dress on, black, head to toe and completely covered except for the men's faces. Two men lead the way and the two women followed. It was so hot I wondered why they wore so many clothes but it was their choice. One lady pushed a Cadillac baby carriage and I mean pushed. It was a big heavy-duty baby carriage and I mean heavy. She struggled with the push on the gravel. You could tell it was a heavy load. I think it was a lady pushing this carriage but I couldn't see any part of her. Who knows it might have been Michael Jackson. She was covered head to toe with black twice over.

I wondered about the baby carriage. It too was completely covered in black both the top and undercarriage and covered again. The family took up a position far from me in the middle of the field which of course, especially the huge baby carriage, blocked the view of the people seated on the ground behind them. Some people moved away. I must confess I was glad to be sitting next to the garage cans and some 150 feet away. That carraige looked like it had 200 lbs of dynamite in it. The evening ended and the only explosions were the fireworks.

Today I watched the news about Muslims wanting to kill cartoonists in Denmark, over these cartoons. Last year I watched Muslims blow up innocent people in those London subways. The year before I watched as Muslims killed school kids in Beslan, Russia by shooting them in the back. The year before I watched the horror in Madrid, Spain. The year before that, I watched the news about Muslims blowing up people at a night club in Bali, Indonesia. The year before that I watched Muslims steer planes into the World Trade Center. So the question I have is simple. How do I distinguish between crazy Muslims and peaceful Muslims?
Today an Italian Catholic Priest,Andrea Santoro, was shot dead by a Muslim in Turkey. The gunman shouted "God is great" as he shot his pistal and murdered the Priest. If Christains did that to an Muslim Imam, we would have a world war. How often must we turn the other cheek.

I noticed in reading Dawg's Blawg that he tries to excuse the Muslim violence as an over reaction due to their suffering an inferiority complex and historical colonization. Nonsense. There is no excuse for this senseless violence. The Lebanese who burned down the Danish Consulate or the Palestinians and the Syrians who have other agendas did not help their causes by the over reaction. There is no excuse. They only serve to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Their behavior over serves to confirm, and validate as truthful, the image depicted in the cartoons which had been given front page exposure in Egypt some six months previously. . The depiction of Mohammed is not new.