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Monday, June 12, 2017

Just say Chrissy sent me

Chrissy is the innocent Canadian murdered by a criminal terrorist in London attack on London Bridge claiming to be a Muslim. She was a very loving, giving and innicent Canadian proving yet again that Muslim terrorist are heartless, uncaring assholes. Any one supporting them needs to be exterminated like a virus.

Truly a soul to listen to.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Islamaphobia is Needed

I thought is wise to write this now before Trudeau forbids the warning as Islamaphobia and not politically correct.

Over the years since 911,  I have paid attention to the threat from Islam. I stumbled across this website: I watched it during the non stop violence in Europe because of Islamic radicals(Muslims). I want my readers to conclude that we are being attacked by a religion. There is no other conclusion.
Let me please start with just one country France. They welcomed Muslims to their country and were the immigrants grateful to be allowed in. No

The friendly multiculturalism in Europe was shattered in France because of the behaviour of Muslims. Constant examples of violence against innocents by Muslims shouting Allah Akbar. Go through the list of Islamic violence against non Muslims in France alone. Never mind Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and so on. Just look at France. Every month there is another example of killings and stabbing of innocents, police officers being stabbed unexpectedly. 

On Sept 8, 2016 in Antoine a Muslim woman plants explosives outside a cathedral. Sept 3rd, 2016 in Belfort a writer is stabbed because he wrote a book exposing Islam. The examples go on monthly of violent insanity against the citizens of France for having peacefully welcomed Muslim immigrants.  Just like Trudeau is now doing to Canada. 

Look at that site previously mentioned at the list of terrorist attacks year by year. On Sept 2, 2016 a police officer was stabbed. On August 30th a Muslim stabs a female officer in a planned  attack. On August 19th, 2016 a Rabbi is stabbed by a Muslim. On August 10, 2016 a suicide bomber detonates in  a taxi. On July 19,2016 in Colombo France, a mother and her three daughters are stabbed by a Muslim for their clothing. On July 14th, 2016 in Nice France a Muslim migrant,on Bastille Day drives a big truck into innocents on a street killing 86, injuring 202. Then on Nov 13,2015 in Paris France 15 innocents are killed and 10 injured at a restaurant, Le Carillon, plus 5 killed and 8 injured as Muslims shoot up a Pizzaria, plus 89 killed and 322 injured as Muslims shoot up a music hall, plus in Paris 19 are killed and 9 injured as Muslims shoot up a restaurant, La Belle Equipe. The examples go on a monthly basis. A rabbi is attacked in a Synagogue. August 21 a Muslim opens fire on a train with a machine gun killing one and injuring 2, Examples of hateful after hateful killings against non Muslims by so called Muslims..

Let me skip the many examples and jump to Jan 7, 2015 when Muslims ambush the Charlie Hebdo newspaper offices killing 12 and injuring 10 because they felt slighted by cartoons. Killing journalists at their desk. Cold blooded.

The numbers of blatant examples of Islamic terrorism in France then Germany and Belgium are growing non stop as Islamaphobia grew in response to the initiating Islamic violence in Europe and the growing invasion of Muslims into Europe.

I have no shame or guilt about being a proud Islamaphobe. I believe us innocents need to protect ourselves from Islam. I view it as a cautionary reasonable view based on world wide evidence over a decade and a half. I do not trust Muslims. The Muslims elected with Trudeau now want to make it illegal to warn you about their hatred, to be an Islamaphobe. I do not believe they are compatible with multiculturalism or with Canada. They are not sincere or honest about their intentions. And Trudeau and other naive Liberals like Merkel in Germany do not care about the citizens of their countries. They need to be replaced before it is to late.

Trudeau could've visited France instead of Germany. But, he could if he wanted, see what Islam has done to the citizens of Germany I foresee Germany getting rid of Merkle within the year and Canada must wait til 2019 to get rid of Trudeau. We must get rid of this crazy naive PM. Actually this was predicted by some dude in Norway who shot up a |Liberals summer camp to warn his country about mult-culturalism not being a workable way of life.

I do not see Muslims proving themselves to be peaceful. Rather it is Liberals in the west trying to prove their innocence. That is bass ackwards It is Liberals who are arguing for their presence. Trudeau should have kept them out of Canada if he cared about existing Canadians. Instead he tries to design a country..