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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Swinging Pendulum

One thing I remember Trudeau saying "always follow the pendulum of political choice. It will swing to the left and when it reaches to far switch to the right and follow that pendulum back in the other direction until it reaches to far right then switch to the left" I quit the Liberals and joined the Reform party in 1986. The first 10 years were frustrating years because the Liberals made the  right seem evil. I hated the CBC. But eventually Canadians saw the Liberals for what they were a conceited self centered party that felt they were entitled. The family compact! The Criminal element seemed to rule the roost. Bleeding Liberals were more concerned with the rights of the Criminal.

Now I am have been right wing or 20 years, it is time to go back to the center/left. I refuse to rest. I fear that the Conservatives are going to get Canada into a war and won't listen to the grass roots. That is already obvious with regards to the pot issue. I predict  the Conservatives will lose the next election by a few seats and BC will pick those seats and the pot issue will decide those few seats that the Liberals get to win.

My favourite piece of laptop

Well I have to be honest my favorite thing to take with me on vacation. in fact my favorite piece of inclusion in my luggage is not clothes but my laptop. It used to be that I always made room in my luggage for more clothes. You know the clothes one might need but no way Jose, it's my laptop. It used to be when looking for a rental I wanted a view or ocean slapping on the shore. Now I want Wifi and it is everywhere even before running water. A rental will always have free Wifi included these days and maybe water down the street. I check in and the first thing I set up is my laptop assuming my computer doesn't need some laptop repair.
 My sister likes her Ipad. I like my laptop. My laptop doesn't have that auto correct she has on her Ipad. So laptop ranks ahead of Ipads. It has a layout that is familiar and works always the way it is supposed to. You don't need apps to get something running. You don't have to spend hours figuring out what the settings are or trying to figure out which switch needs to be on or off. Its my laptop. It came with settings. I love my laptop

I love my laptop