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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Time to go back to the Liberals; Harper is a Post Turtle

Time to quit the Conservatives. I made that decision today as I watched Harper voice support for Ukraine and spoke against Russia. I was previously going to quit the Conservatives as Harper spoke in favour of the war in Syria. He is more interested in catering to the Ukrainians living in Alberta even if it means war with Russia.

I have been thinking about dumping the Conservatives for some time. I quit the Liberals in the 80's and became anti Liberal and initially Reform then Conservative.  But over the last few years I have noted  that Harper had wandered away from the purview of the UN and lost their support. He supports Obama wanting to sidestep the UN in favour of  his Syria attack. That is wrong. Harper is siding with the Military Industrial Complex to sell his pipeline in the USA over Obamas opposition. Harper has to go.

Obama wanting to bomb Syria is the  most idiotic plan threatened by the USA ever. The last thing you would want to see  happen is for Syria to fall into the hands of al-Quaida. This needs to happen under the auspices of the UN. Harper lacks good judgement big time. Harper is a right wing salesman, period. Doesn't care about world wars. In fact he seems to want one especially with Russia. Obama should work with Russia to achieve a peace in Syria.

Harper's behavior has made me rethink my allegiance to the Harper team. We need someone committed to the UN running Canada. I'm tired of him taking credit for what Chretien did in large measure. Or Mulroney for that matter.It was Mulroney who brought in the GST tax system to begin with. And the Banking system is a by product of the old Constitution, the BNA Act. So the economy is a by product of our Constitution giving control of banking to the feds, unlike the American system; nothing Harper did.

I saw the USA do that before(sidestep the UN) in the Kosovo war where they sidestepped the UN and used NATO to  war in Kosovo. Basically they sided with the KLA terrorists and gave the Serbian heartland, Kosovo, to the Muslims. Germany got its way in Kosovo  and the Serbs got screwed thanks to the USA and NATO. Like the USA, and NATO, are still playing Diplomacy even though the cold war is done and gone. Harper has abandoned the UN. That is wrong. The expansionary NATO is wrong. We need the Liberals back. Someone like Chretien who simply says no that is a stupid war  and we wont go.

Harper, regarding Israel, has also fallen into the Netanyaho camp, because of the specific domestic Jewish support he has, and Netanyaho with his 1800 year old Zionist dream about the Promised Land (the West Bank). No room for two nations there. That is wrong. Harper has to go. I would trust Trudeau under  the guidance of Chretien more than I would Harper. He is undermining the efforts to achieve a two state solution. The Conservatives need time for a puff and a breather.

Then we have the Iraq war based on lies or so called faulty intelligence. Somebody has to tell the Americans to stop going to war which is the UN’s job. Now I see Obama using the same approach in Syria as used in Kosovo. He doesn’t have the support of the UN and can’t get it. This war should be done under the UN or not done. Someone needs to tell the Americans to stop. They are being war mongers. Still playing the cold war scenario despite the fact the cold war is over. Why are they provokoing thr Russians?

They want to get into a war just like in Viet Nam that won’t be to win. Yankees are stupid when it comes to wars. Plus why would they want to get rid of Assad? Do they want al-Quaida running the show in Syria?

It is time to return to the Liberals under the reincarnated Trudeau. Obama's war in Syria is wrong. Harper's support for Obama and not the UN is wrong. The UN  was invented following World War II based on the collective wisdom of the world due to  the worst world war ever. Russia alone lost over 50 million people in WWII to the fascists.

The USA used NATO to sidestep the UN in the Kosovo conflict. The UN said no but the USA used NATO to sidestep the UN in that conflict. The USA has continued to play Diplomacy even after the cold war and the fall of the iron curtain with an  expansionary NATO. Germany got its way in Kosovo and the Albanian Muslims got Kosovo.NATO took Hungry, Poland, Romania. They don't want to stop. It will start a world war. Chretien and the Liberals were smart to avoid that kind of nonsense.

Then Iraq which was a war based on a lie or so called faulty intelligence. Then I see Obama using this nonsense about chemical weapons something they said nothing about when Saddam as an American puppet used it against he Kurds. Quote frankly I trust the Russians more then I trust the Americans based on what I see.

Now I see the same sort of news coverage in Syria I saw in Kosovo.  Today in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper a report that a band of al-Qaida terrorists has taken one of the last few remaining Syrian villages, Maaloula, where the original language of Christ was and is still spoken, Syrian residents told this to the London Daily Telegraph."the terrorists entered the main square and smashed a stature of the virgin Mary." This village has survived for decades  under Assad. The village was shelled by the rebels from the hills. Two shells hit St Thecla convent. St Thecla was a follower of St Paul. Christians who make up 10% of the population in Syria have lived at peace with Muslims for decades have increasingly been attacked as foreign Jihadists gain dominance in the opposition. So Obama is arming the people killing Christians in Syria. And Killing the Syrians protecting them. My golly

Harper was gutless. He had the chance to tell Obama to stop and he didn’t. Harper has to go.

Harper has to go. I am going back to the Liberals who seem more into grass root politics the way Preston Manning was looking at it. The Military Industrial Complex is back under  Harper and Obama.(would you believe) Harper is selling oil, oil pipelines and war.

Meanwhile the Kremlin has announced it was boosting it’s presence in the Mediterranean.