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Friday, July 05, 2013

Building in the Gulf Islands

It was the 90s but building a cabin on Galiano, one of the Gulf Islands, was an experience  very unlike on the mainland. The workers got to work and smoked the slow down drug. Nothing on this island was done quickly . It was done carefully and accurately with precision tools and a careful eye. But I got to say they knew how to use tools. This was the work of Artisans not carpenters
 The framing was awesome. The cabin was built by hippies.The lumber came from trees fell on the same acreage they grew on over 30 years. The finished product was a wooden masterpiece like nothing in Vancouver.
 The gulf islands off of Vancouver got a speedy boost in population during the Viet Nam war. Many draft dodgers settled here and made a life for themselves. In a beautiful part of the world where the sun was shining while it rained in Vancouver. Many bio diversities throughout the islands where special erotic plants grow but only in those few square yards of soil.