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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Allah just Met Caesar

Egypt has been historic today, monumentally. The most major difference between Christians and Muslims can be explained in those biblical words of Jesus Christ, when he answered a question about who rules by saying, "render onto Caesar the things that are Caesars" thereby leaving the issues of spiritual or souls and morality to be ruled by God. Islam doesn't have a similar direction from Mohamed. The directions and interpretations by Islam have been quite the opposite in that everything springs from Allah there is no civilian realm of authority so everything is religious. No room for compromise.

Afghanistan was given the opportunity to start that Islamic reformation but that Afghanistan green coat guy never took the opportunity being afforded him. He ducked to accommodate the extremist Taliban, being the politician he is. He kept Afghanistan in the dark ages.

Egyptians weren't going to let that happen to Egypt. Egypt after the fall of the dictator wanted to achieve that accommodation between the Religious and Civil realms with the two corners described by Christ but Islamic. The people didn't want to achieve a godless society. They gave the Muslim Brotherhood the opportunity to set it up. They trusted Morsi to do that but he was too Muslim, too firm in his Muslim belief to accommodate a civilian corner. He wanted everything to be ruled by Islam.There was no room to render anything unto Caesar. Like most Muslim countries. They can't accommodate others. Either you are Muslim or you are an infidel. Except in Egypt. The Egyptians weren't going to let that happen and the military has given them a second chance to get it right. It will be the first real democratic Muslim country that accommodates others even minorities.
The Muslim Brotherhood hopefully has learned. The people rule not Islam. Morsi must be feeling like the Toronto Maple Leafs.
The people rule not Islam. Islam can be a major guide to those doing the ruling not the sole guide.