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Monday, August 26, 2013

Christie Clark and Rip-Off BC Ferries

Well I went over and visited my sister and home in Victoria  for the weekend; you know the Tsawwassen to Schwartz Bay run. Its been a few years. It cost me $67.50 to get over to Victoria. Sixty seven dollars and fifty cents. F--k!  Talk about rip off. The people of BC must be stupid. The people of BC are not focusing on what needs to be focused on. The excess amounts we pay for BC ferries is stupid.

On an American boat, the same trip to Seattle from Victoria  costs me $47.50 as in Forty seven dollars and fifty cents or 20 dollars less for a longer more beautiful trip.The Swartz  Bay (Sidney) to Anacortes type run  cost me $47.50. Why do the Americans do it for so much less? Plus I get to feel like I am still in Canada, well the old Canada before the Chinese invasion; before Trudeau's multicultural bullshit. Forgive me I grew up in a Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural Canada. Je parle francaise, pas Mandarin. Anyway back to the BC ferry's rip off which is a rip off in either Canada, the old Bi-Cultural one or the new Multi-Cultural one.

It always takes two hours to get on the ferry and then another two hours to get across the waters. $67.50. Every time I think of it I get pissed off, again. In Gaglardi's day it would cost me $22.00 plus the Hope/Chilliwack RCMP roadside robbery for speeding; when speeding was 80 MILE'S per hour not the school zone kilometer speed limits on the highways of today. And when speeding tickets were points not $200.00 and a mortgage.

And then when I'm home from the journey to Victoria  I pick up my Province which has a Micheal Smyth story about the wages of BC ferry executives. who basically are making twice the wage of the Washington state ferry executives plus two pensions. BC Executives have two pensions.

That BC Ferry head honcho is making $544,000.00 a year.   I had to work 10 years to make what he makes in one. A bloody janitor could run the ferry system and run it better. The government people in Canada and BC are all overpaid hogs at the pork barrel. There needs to be a tax revolt. That was obvious right after Christie Clark's Liberals got elected and she gave her executives excessively high raises. The only reason they got reversed is because she didn't initially get elected and had to go through  a by election in Kelowna to get herself elected. We in BC are idiots. We truck along like zombies and are not paying attention to the constant BC government rip off. Being conned by a smile and a handshake.

And then you could add the extra  two vice senior people the BC Head honcho needs to help the rip off both of whom make more then the American HEAD of the larger Washington Ferry system. ( like $131,000 for head honcho in Washingtton compared to $491,000.00 for second in command in BC, including a $127,000.00 bonus) In fact the BC executives make in bonuses more then what the American head honcho makes in wages, never mind the bonuses. BCers are stupid and idiotic. A fool and his money are soon parted. BCers are fools. The Americans don't get bonus's. Is there any benefit to living in Canada? Not that I can tell. The Canadian system is an utter and complete, undeniable, rip off of the people of BC by the government employees. We need a revolution in Canada.
BC Politicians

We need to tell the MLA's in Victoria  in no uncertain terms things need to change wholesale.

We the people need another political party in BC and Canada. Carol James was taking the NDP in the right direction but the unions wanted control and dumped her. I don't see much benefit to the people. We can't afford either party. Left wing, right wing what difference does it make? We need a political party that puts the people first not the ones working for government, unionized or un-unionized, but the people. We need a government of the people by and for. My god, what is happening to my country. Quebec  seems to be  the only part that has it right politically.

Anyway I had a nice visit to Victoria  which is such a lovely City. The journey pissed me off. To the MLA's and government people running the show in Victoria hiring all their friends, let me say very clearly what I think you need to hear.