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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Samhain--This Friday to Sunday-- Harper n Duffy

Happening on the day of the Samhain. Samhain is celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1, almost halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Samhain is the day when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.

Wow! This Friday to Sunday  will be fireworks. As Bette Davis says in the movie All About Eve, ""Fasten your seat belts its gonna be a bumpy night". Three of them in a row. We have a heavenly triple slam. A Pluto/Uranus square which happens this Friday. This week our Sun has had two X class (the highest magnitude) flares sending hughmongous waves of electromagnetic radiation towards Earth culminating on Sunday. Plus as well we have a solar eclipse/New Moon happening on Sunday A triple slam happening over the weekend of the Conservative Party meeting in Calgary not to mention the Senate hearing/non hearing over the suspension/nonsuspension of Mike Duffy

If you have been feeling more emotional, tired, or reactive, more so then usual, any of these events---the eclipses, the Pluto-Uranus square, or the solar flare up---- could be seen as having a causative effect.

All leading to the day when Prime Minister will look the Conservative Party and all Canadians in the eye. He will have the whole country in his hand on a solar triple slam as he talks about the Mike Duffy affair to his Conservative Party. Wow. Stay tuned. If this sounds like a lot is going on your are right. Like a meeting of people all on conference calls about the world as they know it with a guest speaker in the middle. It will be hard to focus on one conversation or topic. The Solar eclipse provides the energy of beginning anew. I foresee the end of the Senate

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Canada-Muslims-and Sikhs

To be honest, I don't like Muslims and Sikhs. I don't think they are compatible with the values  of Canada. Their have a religion that trumps Canadian values. We would not have the Canada we have today if we had been founded by Sikhs or Muslims. The very values that  attracted Muslims and Sikhs to want to live here would not be here if  we had been founded by Sikhism or  Islam. I like Canada the way it is. My grandfather died in WW 1 fighting for this country and I would fight for this country.

I can remember as a 17 year old when my buddy, his girlfriend and I got a  6 pack of Molson Canadian and drove out to the wiener roast area in the bush to go drink it. Back then in Alberta the drinking age was over 21 years of age. Suddenly out of nowhere the RCMP car drove up and out popped Constable Bob. I can't remember his last name. Because he came up to us and took off his hat and said "Ok listen up I want you to hear this so I am taking my hat off. My name is Bob."

 He then proceeded to give us a little chat about drinking and driving and the horrors of drinking and driving. He explained why being responsible drivers was so very important. He didn't take our beers and pour them out. He then put his hat back on and left. But that little speech he had given us has made Constable Bob and his message live in my head ever since the early 60s. I think his last name was Hault but I cant remember cause he had become Constable Bob. And I remember him as  Constable Bob. That day we finished the beers we had open but didn't open the second ones. We left them in the case. I have been a responsible  driver ever since.

I don't know what happened but over the last 50 years the RCMP changed. When the Sikhs were allowed into the RCMP their religion trumped the image of the RCMP . They put Turbans on their heads and a badge on the Turban. These Turbans can't be taken off the way Constable Bob took his cop hat off to me and my friends so very long ago. I don't like that their religion trumped a National symbol.

Muslims are the same as Sikhs. Their religion trumps our culture, our values.. Yes Trudeau got his Charter passed turning Canada into a multi cultural country. We didn't have an election or choice about the contents of the Charter. Only Quebec was really up to speed and now I am beginning to understand why they didn't sign on. Prior to that we had been a Bi-cultural and Bi-lingual country. The USA was a melting pot but aside from the bi-cultural and bilingual aspects of Canada we used to be a melting pot as well. I grew up in that country and liked it.

Now in Vancouver BC when I go out I feel  uncomfortable when I am completely surrounded by a foreign culture speaking their religion and making no effort to fit in. Rather it is I who must adapt to fit in. I do it but  I'm getting pissed off about it. I recently went into a McDonalds in Surrey and every single person was an East Indian or Sikh and speaking in their language.

I never saw that in Quebec, or Ontario or Alberta when I was growing up. The Italians,the Europeans. the French or the English and the Germans and the Chinese  and the Japanese, Hungarians, the Russians, the various blacks and all the others made  efforts to fit in. They spoke their language at home. I don't see that with Sikhs and Muslims. Rather I see the opposite. They want to change my country and I begrudge that. Canada is a very accepting and fair minded country. It doesn't need any fucking changing.

If you have to use violence to get your way then you lose in Canada automatically. If you have to use a gun or a knife then you are wrong and lose automatically no matter what the cause in Canada.If you have to use violence in Canada then you are on the losing side of any argument. The Sikhs and East Indians in Surrey who think guns are cool should go back to their country and leave Canada alone. Muslims need to accept Canada the way it is and do more to fit in. The RCMP need to quit killing people and get back to their roots , their old image before they put Turbans on and let "religion"  trump the law or the keeping of the law.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Swinging Pendulum

One thing I remember Trudeau saying "always follow the pendulum of political choice. It will swing to the left and when it reaches to far switch to the right and follow that pendulum back in the other direction until it reaches to far right then switch to the left" I quit the Liberals and joined the Reform party in 1986. The first 10 years were frustrating years because the Liberals made the  right seem evil. I hated the CBC. But eventually Canadians saw the Liberals for what they were a conceited self centered party that felt they were entitled. The family compact! The Criminal element seemed to rule the roost. Bleeding Liberals were more concerned with the rights of the Criminal.

Now I am have been right wing or 20 years, it is time to go back to the center/left. I refuse to rest. I fear that the Conservatives are going to get Canada into a war and won't listen to the grass roots. That is already obvious with regards to the pot issue. I predict  the Conservatives will lose the next election by a few seats and BC will pick those seats and the pot issue will decide those few seats that the Liberals get to win.

My favourite piece of laptop

Well I have to be honest my favorite thing to take with me on vacation. in fact my favorite piece of inclusion in my luggage is not clothes but my laptop. It used to be that I always made room in my luggage for more clothes. You know the clothes one might need but no way Jose, it's my laptop. It used to be when looking for a rental I wanted a view or ocean slapping on the shore. Now I want Wifi and it is everywhere even before running water. A rental will always have free Wifi included these days and maybe water down the street. I check in and the first thing I set up is my laptop assuming my computer doesn't need some laptop repair.
 My sister likes her Ipad. I like my laptop. My laptop doesn't have that auto correct she has on her Ipad. So laptop ranks ahead of Ipads. It has a layout that is familiar and works always the way it is supposed to. You don't need apps to get something running. You don't have to spend hours figuring out what the settings are or trying to figure out which switch needs to be on or off. Its my laptop. It came with settings. I love my laptop

I love my laptop

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Time to go back to the Liberals; Harper is a Post Turtle

Time to quit the Conservatives. I made that decision today as I watched Harper voice support for Ukraine and spoke against Russia. I was previously going to quit the Conservatives as Harper spoke in favour of the war in Syria. He is more interested in catering to the Ukrainians living in Alberta even if it means war with Russia.

I have been thinking about dumping the Conservatives for some time. I quit the Liberals in the 80's and became anti Liberal and initially Reform then Conservative.  But over the last few years I have noted  that Harper had wandered away from the purview of the UN and lost their support. He supports Obama wanting to sidestep the UN in favour of  his Syria attack. That is wrong. Harper is siding with the Military Industrial Complex to sell his pipeline in the USA over Obamas opposition. Harper has to go.

Obama wanting to bomb Syria is the  most idiotic plan threatened by the USA ever. The last thing you would want to see  happen is for Syria to fall into the hands of al-Quaida. This needs to happen under the auspices of the UN. Harper lacks good judgement big time. Harper is a right wing salesman, period. Doesn't care about world wars. In fact he seems to want one especially with Russia. Obama should work with Russia to achieve a peace in Syria.

Harper's behavior has made me rethink my allegiance to the Harper team. We need someone committed to the UN running Canada. I'm tired of him taking credit for what Chretien did in large measure. Or Mulroney for that matter.It was Mulroney who brought in the GST tax system to begin with. And the Banking system is a by product of the old Constitution, the BNA Act. So the economy is a by product of our Constitution giving control of banking to the feds, unlike the American system; nothing Harper did.

I saw the USA do that before(sidestep the UN) in the Kosovo war where they sidestepped the UN and used NATO to  war in Kosovo. Basically they sided with the KLA terrorists and gave the Serbian heartland, Kosovo, to the Muslims. Germany got its way in Kosovo  and the Serbs got screwed thanks to the USA and NATO. Like the USA, and NATO, are still playing Diplomacy even though the cold war is done and gone. Harper has abandoned the UN. That is wrong. The expansionary NATO is wrong. We need the Liberals back. Someone like Chretien who simply says no that is a stupid war  and we wont go.

Harper, regarding Israel, has also fallen into the Netanyaho camp, because of the specific domestic Jewish support he has, and Netanyaho with his 1800 year old Zionist dream about the Promised Land (the West Bank). No room for two nations there. That is wrong. Harper has to go. I would trust Trudeau under  the guidance of Chretien more than I would Harper. He is undermining the efforts to achieve a two state solution. The Conservatives need time for a puff and a breather.

Then we have the Iraq war based on lies or so called faulty intelligence. Somebody has to tell the Americans to stop going to war which is the UN’s job. Now I see Obama using the same approach in Syria as used in Kosovo. He doesn’t have the support of the UN and can’t get it. This war should be done under the UN or not done. Someone needs to tell the Americans to stop. They are being war mongers. Still playing the cold war scenario despite the fact the cold war is over. Why are they provokoing thr Russians?

They want to get into a war just like in Viet Nam that won’t be to win. Yankees are stupid when it comes to wars. Plus why would they want to get rid of Assad? Do they want al-Quaida running the show in Syria?

It is time to return to the Liberals under the reincarnated Trudeau. Obama's war in Syria is wrong. Harper's support for Obama and not the UN is wrong. The UN  was invented following World War II based on the collective wisdom of the world due to  the worst world war ever. Russia alone lost over 50 million people in WWII to the fascists.

The USA used NATO to sidestep the UN in the Kosovo conflict. The UN said no but the USA used NATO to sidestep the UN in that conflict. The USA has continued to play Diplomacy even after the cold war and the fall of the iron curtain with an  expansionary NATO. Germany got its way in Kosovo and the Albanian Muslims got Kosovo.NATO took Hungry, Poland, Romania. They don't want to stop. It will start a world war. Chretien and the Liberals were smart to avoid that kind of nonsense.

Then Iraq which was a war based on a lie or so called faulty intelligence. Then I see Obama using this nonsense about chemical weapons something they said nothing about when Saddam as an American puppet used it against he Kurds. Quote frankly I trust the Russians more then I trust the Americans based on what I see.

Now I see the same sort of news coverage in Syria I saw in Kosovo.  Today in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper a report that a band of al-Qaida terrorists has taken one of the last few remaining Syrian villages, Maaloula, where the original language of Christ was and is still spoken, Syrian residents told this to the London Daily Telegraph."the terrorists entered the main square and smashed a stature of the virgin Mary." This village has survived for decades  under Assad. The village was shelled by the rebels from the hills. Two shells hit St Thecla convent. St Thecla was a follower of St Paul. Christians who make up 10% of the population in Syria have lived at peace with Muslims for decades have increasingly been attacked as foreign Jihadists gain dominance in the opposition. So Obama is arming the people killing Christians in Syria. And Killing the Syrians protecting them. My golly

Harper was gutless. He had the chance to tell Obama to stop and he didn’t. Harper has to go.

Harper has to go. I am going back to the Liberals who seem more into grass root politics the way Preston Manning was looking at it. The Military Industrial Complex is back under  Harper and Obama.(would you believe) Harper is selling oil, oil pipelines and war.

Meanwhile the Kremlin has announced it was boosting it’s presence in the Mediterranean.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Christie Clark and Rip-Off BC Ferries

Well I went over and visited my sister and home in Victoria  for the weekend; you know the Tsawwassen to Schwartz Bay run. Its been a few years. It cost me $67.50 to get over to Victoria. Sixty seven dollars and fifty cents. F--k!  Talk about rip off. The people of BC must be stupid. The people of BC are not focusing on what needs to be focused on. The excess amounts we pay for BC ferries is stupid.

On an American boat, the same trip to Seattle from Victoria  costs me $47.50 as in Forty seven dollars and fifty cents or 20 dollars less for a longer more beautiful trip.The Swartz  Bay (Sidney) to Anacortes type run  cost me $47.50. Why do the Americans do it for so much less? Plus I get to feel like I am still in Canada, well the old Canada before the Chinese invasion; before Trudeau's multicultural bullshit. Forgive me I grew up in a Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural Canada. Je parle francaise, pas Mandarin. Anyway back to the BC ferry's rip off which is a rip off in either Canada, the old Bi-Cultural one or the new Multi-Cultural one.

It always takes two hours to get on the ferry and then another two hours to get across the waters. $67.50. Every time I think of it I get pissed off, again. In Gaglardi's day it would cost me $22.00 plus the Hope/Chilliwack RCMP roadside robbery for speeding; when speeding was 80 MILE'S per hour not the school zone kilometer speed limits on the highways of today. And when speeding tickets were points not $200.00 and a mortgage.

And then when I'm home from the journey to Victoria  I pick up my Province which has a Micheal Smyth story about the wages of BC ferry executives. who basically are making twice the wage of the Washington state ferry executives plus two pensions. BC Executives have two pensions.

That BC Ferry head honcho is making $544,000.00 a year.   I had to work 10 years to make what he makes in one. A bloody janitor could run the ferry system and run it better. The government people in Canada and BC are all overpaid hogs at the pork barrel. There needs to be a tax revolt. That was obvious right after Christie Clark's Liberals got elected and she gave her executives excessively high raises. The only reason they got reversed is because she didn't initially get elected and had to go through  a by election in Kelowna to get herself elected. We in BC are idiots. We truck along like zombies and are not paying attention to the constant BC government rip off. Being conned by a smile and a handshake.

And then you could add the extra  two vice senior people the BC Head honcho needs to help the rip off both of whom make more then the American HEAD of the larger Washington Ferry system. ( like $131,000 for head honcho in Washingtton compared to $491,000.00 for second in command in BC, including a $127,000.00 bonus) In fact the BC executives make in bonuses more then what the American head honcho makes in wages, never mind the bonuses. BCers are stupid and idiotic. A fool and his money are soon parted. BCers are fools. The Americans don't get bonus's. Is there any benefit to living in Canada? Not that I can tell. The Canadian system is an utter and complete, undeniable, rip off of the people of BC by the government employees. We need a revolution in Canada.
BC Politicians

We need to tell the MLA's in Victoria  in no uncertain terms things need to change wholesale.

We the people need another political party in BC and Canada. Carol James was taking the NDP in the right direction but the unions wanted control and dumped her. I don't see much benefit to the people. We can't afford either party. Left wing, right wing what difference does it make? We need a political party that puts the people first not the ones working for government, unionized or un-unionized, but the people. We need a government of the people by and for. My god, what is happening to my country. Quebec  seems to be  the only part that has it right politically.

Anyway I had a nice visit to Victoria  which is such a lovely City. The journey pissed me off. To the MLA's and government people running the show in Victoria hiring all their friends, let me say very clearly what I think you need to hear.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zimmerman Trial: Knock Knock, whos there?

To all my American friends please let me say, "Wow" That is the only  word I can use to describe the entire Zimmerman fiasco from the beginning to the end. Initially he wasn't charged but, after there was a political uproar from the black community, he was. That seemed wrong.

From the system I know in Canada charges are laid by the Crown Counsel after reviewing the file submitted by the police. But only after that review by the Crown Counsel. Only after the Crown Counsel determines there is a substantial likelihood of conviction are charges proceeded with. Not based on the newscasts or the police wants or the public perceptions or some uproar from a particular community.

To me in the Zimmerman case  from the news I saw charges were only laid to appease the public outcry from the black community. From the facts reported by the news I didn't think then that  there was a substantial likelihood of conviction from the get go based on the available defense of self defense. And that is from 4000 miles away which is not a distinct advantage. 

I'm not John Adams but I'm sure he'd agree with me. Your famous early President John Adams when he was a young lawyer defending some British solders accused of shooting Americans said "facts don't lie" And you can only convict based on the facts. He got those British solders off based on the facts. Anyway you don't need a Canadian telling you your history. As a friend, I'm suggesting to you guys you  need to reestablish  a faith  in your judicial system. That is important and key to your society, to its survival. You must trust your judicial system.

As it turns out the Zimmerman jury agreed with that conclusion based on the evidence, on the facts,  as well. Now the black community having bullied officials and got their way with the laying of charges now want to get the same results with the court system and bully them  into overruling the jury findings. That cant happen or you have even bigger problems. Politics and public wants have nothing to do with the judicial system. It must be neutral, judicial, impartial equal and fair. It must be devoid of politics when making decisions. It can  not be bullied.

Once your general public distrusts the fairness of your judicial system your whole political system is in deep trouble. If the public thinks it can bully the decisions into happening you have really big irreversible problems until trust returns to the judiical system.

Even the defense counsel made a joke in his opening remarks about that perception when he told the "knock knock" joke to the jury in his opening remarks to the jury no less.
"Knock knock"
"Who's there".
"George Zimmerman" 
When the response from a prospective juror was "Zimmerman who" he was accepted onto the jury. He made a joke about this fact.

Considering all the press about the uproar  from the black community and no charges being laid initially  and then the laying of charges against Zimmerman but only after the public uproar, I thought the defense lawyer won that case in his opening remarks with a knock knock joke. That was the "if the glove don't fit, you must acquit"  moment.

Now the black community seem to think they can bully a conviction into happening. And with all due respect to the black community that is wrong.. The laying of charges was wrong. The overreaction by the black community is wrong.Only the jury got it right in this whole fiasco.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Building in the Gulf Islands

It was the 90s but building a cabin on Galiano, one of the Gulf Islands, was an experience  very unlike on the mainland. The workers got to work and smoked the slow down drug. Nothing on this island was done quickly . It was done carefully and accurately with precision tools and a careful eye. But I got to say they knew how to use tools. This was the work of Artisans not carpenters
 The framing was awesome. The cabin was built by hippies.The lumber came from trees fell on the same acreage they grew on over 30 years. The finished product was a wooden masterpiece like nothing in Vancouver.
 The gulf islands off of Vancouver got a speedy boost in population during the Viet Nam war. Many draft dodgers settled here and made a life for themselves. In a beautiful part of the world where the sun was shining while it rained in Vancouver. Many bio diversities throughout the islands where special erotic plants grow but only in those few square yards of soil.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Allah just Met Caesar

Egypt has been historic today, monumentally. The most major difference between Christians and Muslims can be explained in those biblical words of Jesus Christ, when he answered a question about who rules by saying, "render onto Caesar the things that are Caesars" thereby leaving the issues of spiritual or souls and morality to be ruled by God. Islam doesn't have a similar direction from Mohamed. The directions and interpretations by Islam have been quite the opposite in that everything springs from Allah there is no civilian realm of authority so everything is religious. No room for compromise.

Afghanistan was given the opportunity to start that Islamic reformation but that Afghanistan green coat guy never took the opportunity being afforded him. He ducked to accommodate the extremist Taliban, being the politician he is. He kept Afghanistan in the dark ages.

Egyptians weren't going to let that happen to Egypt. Egypt after the fall of the dictator wanted to achieve that accommodation between the Religious and Civil realms with the two corners described by Christ but Islamic. The people didn't want to achieve a godless society. They gave the Muslim Brotherhood the opportunity to set it up. They trusted Morsi to do that but he was too Muslim, too firm in his Muslim belief to accommodate a civilian corner. He wanted everything to be ruled by Islam.There was no room to render anything unto Caesar. Like most Muslim countries. They can't accommodate others. Either you are Muslim or you are an infidel. Except in Egypt. The Egyptians weren't going to let that happen and the military has given them a second chance to get it right. It will be the first real democratic Muslim country that accommodates others even minorities.
The Muslim Brotherhood hopefully has learned. The people rule not Islam. Morsi must be feeling like the Toronto Maple Leafs.
The people rule not Islam. Islam can be a major guide to those doing the ruling not the sole guide.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Canadian Space Oddity

There has been a major event I watched on TV this week The Canadian Commander of the International Space station, Chris Hadfield invaded space and added a dimension that brought space travel home to earth as he circled the earth in a "tin can". He brought substance to that old David Bowie tune and made even 65 year olds like me want to be astronauts.

I know Americans were watching the aftermath from the insanity of the  latest Muslim horror at the Boston marathon and hockey fans were watching the NHL anointing of the Pittsburgh Penguins as either the Boston Bruins or LA kings try to trump the NHL plan. Don't take my word for it. Incredible stuff.
Ground control to Major Tom...

This song will usher in the space age and done by a Canadian Chris Hadfield. Who was David Bowie?
                                                             I. S. S.
And then there is the song by Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked ladies "Is Somebody Singing"( with the lyrics on the screen.) The lyrics are the neatest summary of the political dramas currently unfolding around the world that herald the introduction of the  space age. The words make me cry every time I hear them. "If you could see our nation from the Internation-al Space Station you'd know why I want to get back soon" "You can't make out borders (or religions for that matter) from up here. Just a spinning ball within a tiny (and I repeat the word tiny) atmosphere." The lyrics are to be read and heard and understood. "Look out my window, there goes home. That ball of shiny blue houses everybody anybody ever knew" This is not King Arthurs birds eye view of Camelot. It is Canadian Chris Hadfield's astronauts view of Earth

And how about the Barenaked ladies adding the first outer space rock and roll....
 So sing your song Im listening
out where stars are glistening
I can hear your voices bouncing off the moon
If you could see out nation
From the Internation-al space station
You'd know why I want to get back soon

Pushed back in my seat.
Look out my window , there goes home
That ball of shiny blue houses everybody anybody ever knew

 Floating from my seat
Look out my window
That brilliant ball of blue
Id where I'm from, and also where I'm going to

Pushed back in my seat
Look out my window
Here comes home
What once was fueled by fear
Now has 15 Nations orbiting together here.

 .... you can see our mission.

Chris Hadfield has given me a purpose.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Blue Buses of Puerto Vallarta

Have you got gall stones? Cholesterol problems? Well, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has your answer. The Blue Buses! No operations, pills or surgery needed. These buses will shake it, (maybe rattle would be a more active verb) right out of you. Bouncing is a gimme as drivers are doing 60 miles an hour on a “stone missing” filled street. Anyone who has ridden a bus to Centro downtown Vallarta past the Malacon or Romantic zone knows what I mean. The city of Puerto Vallarta has made a deliberate effort to preserve the old fishing village look to PV complete with the pot-holed cobblestone streets; serviced by these ancient blue buses. I don't know where the green buses go yet. This was my blue bus year.

The PV bus maintenance guys have long ago given up on fixing shocks or brakes. And the bus driver’s manoeuvre  like shocks or new brakes don’t matter anyway. Only passengers count. So any ride is complete with smiles and the sounds of metal on metal as frame hits axel and the drivers race one another to pick up passengers. Klang! Clunk! I mean metal on metal. You know the sound. KaKlunk! No shocks. Almost makes you want to say “ouch”.

As well the ride includes the sounds of no brake liners screeching. I know, back home in Vancouver, neighbours for three blocks will tell you, at the slightest whisper of the wheels hitting the brake with no rubber, the sound of metal on metal. KaScreech “You need new brakes!” Not in PV.

When wanting a bus, if you don’t raise your hand and point at the bus; the “point” indicating I’m a passenger in waiting, you can wait for the next bus. No problem as it is right on the bumper of the bus passing you, unless he is speeding pass that bus and therefore can’t see you.  The bus is filled with bobble heads all sporting a nice tan of course as this is Puerto Vallarta. You can always tell when someone is a new arrival to PV when they have no tan or are asking for a bus schedule. With bumper to bumper buses, who needs schedules?

The one thing sure to piss off a Blue Bus driver is a yellow cab driver getting in his way. New York could use Blue Buses as could Toronto or Vancouver. When a Blue Bus driver is pissed off, he speeds up. Nothing can replace the KaKlunks and KaScreeechs of a Blue bus being driven by a kapissed off bus driver.

A very efficient system for 6 and one half pesos (about 35 cents). One zone or three zones matters not. Six and one half pesos for all those KaLunks and KaScreecheechss and kabobbled gall stones is a bargain.

And, if you want to soak up the culture of Mexico and Mexicans, absolutely nothing compares with a bus ride. Try it and you will see. Get off that cruise ship and bus it from the Marina to the Romantic zone and walk up to where Elizabeth Taylor’s house used to be. Soak up that PV sun. To be part of the race to passengers complete with the bobbling and the sounds  is worth more than any picture of a beautiful sunset. Really is incredible stuff and the cost is only 6 and one half pesos.

Take in the scenic Banderas Bay. Get a 4 dollar one hour haircut, a 25 dollar massage that really gets the crap out of your belt line and radishes as big as an apple. And you will ask yourself, “Why am I spending my winters in the rain or snow?”

The #3 bus to El Remance
Truly one of the best, quickest and most efficient bus systems in the world.
Point to stop