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Thursday, February 02, 2012

To PM Harper and Pres Obama: re Marijuana

                          Legalize POT: Do what is right

Both you guys need to recognize what is right and just do it because you can. There will  not be a political backlash. In fact it will be a rewarding experience for both of you politically. It will lead to jobs and more government revenue at a time when such is needed in both countries.It will lessen the numbers of people being killed in Mexico. It will lead to social justice and lessen the costs to society. And by costs I mean the money being wasted on enforcement and the wrongful imprisonment of non criminals. There are no arguments to keeping it a crime. I hold you able to fix this. Why frigging wait? What are you waiting for?

Do this now and every other story hitting the news will be smothered by your clarity of vision  the justness of your vision to do what is right not just popular. The other side will be the losers.

In my life time I have smoked pot with MP's, MLA's, municipal politicians, judges of the Provincial Court, administrative judges of the Provincial court, teachers, Principals from high school or elementary school, with RCMP officers, Van City Police officers, with gays and straights, with parents. The movies I've seen shows that most if not all of Hollywood smokes it. The people dying in Mexico over this substance is criminal. Just legalize it and get it over with. The Canadian government needs the tax money for seniors. The American government needs the tax money for a variety of things. Why borrow money for over pensioned politicians and pass the burden onto your children  when you could tax the pot they are using.

Any student learns in University that if a law is not supported by the people it will be ignored. The law making pot illegal is not supported by the people. (ignore the government people). For Gods sake smarten up and legalize the stuff. It is not addictive. I quit by choice.