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Friday, March 23, 2012

To the VCP: The NHL refs are BAD

The Vancouver City Police are doing their best to destroy the lives of 100's of teenagers involved in that Stanley Cup Riot for the stupid thing they did. But if the VCP were to be honest they would have to admit that the SHODDY reffing in the NHL was a factor in causing the riot. Get a copy of the tape of the last game between Chicago and Vancouver and review it. Reviewing photos and  tapes must be second nature to you by now. Ask yourself was O'Hallaran consistent and fair in the reffing using the NHL rule book. I'm sure you will agree he wasn't. If he was, Keith would have  got 5 minutes for the elbow to Sedin. Why is it when OHallaran is the ref Vancouver always gets twice as many penalties as the other team. Chicago got 6 minutes being in the penalty box Vancouver got 10 minutes. There is a Vancouver player in the hospital yet Vancouver got twice as many penalties as Chicago. A different ref and the game might have been won by Vancouver.

It is time you guys looked at the NHL for fraud and do some preventative policing.Being fraudulent in the NHL can be done in a sneaky way. Prevent the next riot before it happens. Investigate the NHL for fraud.