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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why did Sandy Hook Happen?

The problem confronting the USA is the same one it has been for decades. They are unwilling to change the attitude that creates the problem. Instead they find excuses. Sure they need to ban assault rifles on the streets. But more importantly they need to confront the attitude of the backers of the NRA. not just ban the guns. So long as the attitude is not confronted the wall street fiasco's, the banks needing bail outs, the resulting recession and unemployment,  the Sandy Hook type massacres will go on.

The USA will support shows like Survivor when the people with the wrong attitudes get to be the winners and behaviors that are undesirable are rewarded. So long as back stabbing, dishonest, two faced cons are rewarded in your culture and exalted on your TV it will be the assassin that is promoted and revered not the Lincoln. If you want to know why there was a Sandy Hook massacre, look in the mirror. Like Micheal Jackson sang " if you want to make the world a better place, take  a look at the man in the mirror and make a change". Then and only then will the Sandy Hooks stop.

Banning the assault rifles is great but confronting the attitude behind those that support the NRA is the big  thing needing to be done. You need to tell them to fuck off big time. So long as outfits like Sprint and Ford will spend their advertising dollers on shows like Survivor and be rewarded for doing so you will have Sandy Hooks.. Thats the WHY.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

It shows in your face---The Portal of Light

A portal of light has been created to nourish the health of all animals or peoples around the Salish Sea. It is now a sacred place to be blessed. A portal of light has been created to bring angels to the region and all birds rejoice. Eagles and hummingbirds are flying together. The horses run in joyful herds. It is like a ballad I heard about a windwalker that is the wounded healer who comes to share compassion and love. Like those of a child of God himself. Community. To stop being on opposite sides we get to become one with the area that surrounds the Salish Sea as a collective entity, its peoples, its animals, its air, its water. That is a spiritual adventure that has no end. You cant  touch infinity. The only way to experience it is from the eyes of a hummingbird on a 360 end to end. I think of hummingbirds as filled with endurance full of playful energy, happy , joyous and free. I have looked into the face of joyous freedom and it shows in his face.

You don't have to tell how you live each day

You don't have to say if you work or play

However you work it will show in your face

The false, the deceit that you bear in your heart

Will not survive where it first got its start

For sinew and blood is a thin veil of lace

What you wear in your heart, you wear in your face

If your life is unselfish, if for others you live

For not what you get but how much you can give

If you live close to God in his infinite grace

You don't have to tell it. It shows in your face.
Shmoo Report

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ford and 7UP and Sprint support Fraud and Dishonesty

Survivor is a CBS show that rewards two faced, dishonest, back stabbing, underhanded, cheating people who are willing to con you or steal from you while smiling to your face. Basically the kind of weasels that one would never want in his or her life. This is the attitude that led to the collapse of Wall street and needing a tax payer bail out and which started this last recession. FORD and 7 UP support this greedy attitude with their advertising dollars. I will never buy a Ford or 7 UP again. I was about to buy a car but it will definitely not be a Ford. If you support honesty and fair mindedness please forward this blog to all your friends. Lets occupy via our TV's

Monday, April 16, 2012

Volenti Non Fit Injuria

Shanahan needs to hear this loud and clear. The NHL needs to have a few players charged with assault in the USA. This has been made obvious by Shanahan's inability to rein in the assaults taking place on the ice. There is no general exemption granted to the NHL from the provisions of the Criminal Code neither in Canada nor in the USA.

A vicious elbow to any head is an assault. An elbow covered with hard plastic and delivered with forceful muscle to a persons head can cause serious injury. It is not hard to prove that this  is an assault. The defense would be based on consent.When a player consents to a fight he can  not be heard to complain about it if he suffers injury.  This is covered by the Latin maxim known as "Volenti non fit injuria". This maxim has saved the NHL a special place. But but! There are public limits to the amount of injury a player can consent to. These are defined by the courts. And they include any injury that is long lasting or  PERMANENT.  The present day happenings  on the ice exceeds the allowable limits as defined in a criminal court and need a public review in a criminal court.  Not by the NHL.  The NHL has shown itself unable to define this appropriately

The present violence happening on the ice whereby the star players are targeted so as to cause injury and take them out of the game thereby enhancing the offender's teams chances of winning is criminal. The state of Pennsylvania or the Province of BC needs to charge the offenders with assault and send them to jail and seek a sentence of years that will be a serious deterrent to others. THIS needs to happen now and put an end to the violence that has over  taken the NHL.

Danial Sedin got an elbow to the head from Duncan Keith from the Chicago Blackhawks that has taken Sedin, the number 1 scorer with the Canucks, out of the playoffs and thereby affecting Vancouver's chances of winning the Stanley Cup. No player when the agrees to play NHL hockey can consent to that kind of violence. This is dictated by public policy not by social bullies like Don Cherry, Shanahan or some other idiot passing himself off as an analyst on some sports show and saying "oh this is playoff hockey" Fuck you.  There is no hockey that allows an infringement of "Volenti non fit injuria", as dictated by the public interests, as defined by a criminal court.

Additionally the NHL has shown an inability to be consistent. When Duncan Keith delivered his intentional vicious elbow to Danial Sedin's head he got 2 minutes from O'Hallaran. When Byron  Bitz with Vancouver delivered his intentional but less vicious elbow to Kyle Clifford's head he got 5 minutes, and a game misconduct from O'Rourke allowing LA to score a goal and affect the outcome of the game. Why the difference? Unless you are trying to affect the games outcome. Why the inconsistency? The Vancouver Canucks, a Canadian team, always get the short end of this inconsistency. Why?

Friday, April 06, 2012

BC needs a People ( read Conservative ) Government; Canadian's future TAXATION at stake

Seriously, in this country, especially in BC, we need to do something to change the direction of taxation. We have been led down the path to financial injustice by too many left wing parties to a path that is not sustainable where by there are two classes of people: the government class and the rest of us. There are those who are rich based on the receipt of an income and a pension and endless benefits (medical and dental) and bonuses from government.

These people think taxes are an endless source of money for them and then there are  the class of people who pay taxes every way we turn. There are taxes on food now the HST (whenever that comes to an end). The GST tax on food will remain. There are taxes on gas which is a tax built into the price of food. There are taxes on hydro and of course there are taxes on income. There are property taxes and the sales taxes on everything we buy besides food. People who work for the public payroll always want more and the Liberal, or left wing politicians, always give them more.

We need a hard nosed political party that is of the people, that is by the people and that is for the people AND not by and for the government people. Canadians have for too long been too trusting of government thinking they would always act for us in our best interests. But we ignored that they were acting for their best interests, that is for their pocket books all along. THIS trust of government  must end. We don't just have one King we have a few 100,000 kings hiding under the name of  civil servants

I don't believe this will end without violence and I mean a good old fashioned Boston Tea party right here in Canada, a revolution complete with guns and shootings. Then and only then will the government class take it serious and make a readjustment. It is time Canadians lost their reputation for being polite; too polite. We have been fools for too long.

It won't happen in Quebec because they are too Catholic which is no more or less then a religious left wing. They still buy into the old catholic idea that it is as hard for a rich man to get into heaven as it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. In the next federal election the NDP must be shut out of Canada and isolated to Quebec.

In BC the Liberal and NDP must both be shut out. We need a leader to stand up for people in BC and for people to trust him or her. Where is he?

Alternatively  in the same fashion that Ronald Reagon brought down communism with the use of 20% interests rates, which brought the Berlin Wall. These can be used to bring down this government class. When interests rates start hitting 12 or 13 % you will see that revolution right here in Canada. No more politeness just a lot of FUCK you government assholes, teachers and nurses included. WE have been too optimistic to think that the ones we elect will actually do something about this problem. 

  WE have been too optimistic to think that the ones we elect will actually do something about this problem. 
Maybe it is time to bring out more then  a watering can as obviously this problem needs some serious attention.

Friday, March 23, 2012

To the VCP: The NHL refs are BAD

The Vancouver City Police are doing their best to destroy the lives of 100's of teenagers involved in that Stanley Cup Riot for the stupid thing they did. But if the VCP were to be honest they would have to admit that the SHODDY reffing in the NHL was a factor in causing the riot. Get a copy of the tape of the last game between Chicago and Vancouver and review it. Reviewing photos and  tapes must be second nature to you by now. Ask yourself was O'Hallaran consistent and fair in the reffing using the NHL rule book. I'm sure you will agree he wasn't. If he was, Keith would have  got 5 minutes for the elbow to Sedin. Why is it when OHallaran is the ref Vancouver always gets twice as many penalties as the other team. Chicago got 6 minutes being in the penalty box Vancouver got 10 minutes. There is a Vancouver player in the hospital yet Vancouver got twice as many penalties as Chicago. A different ref and the game might have been won by Vancouver.

It is time you guys looked at the NHL for fraud and do some preventative policing.Being fraudulent in the NHL can be done in a sneaky way. Prevent the next riot before it happens. Investigate the NHL for fraud.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

To PM Harper and Pres Obama: re Marijuana

                          Legalize POT: Do what is right

Both you guys need to recognize what is right and just do it because you can. There will  not be a political backlash. In fact it will be a rewarding experience for both of you politically. It will lead to jobs and more government revenue at a time when such is needed in both countries.It will lessen the numbers of people being killed in Mexico. It will lead to social justice and lessen the costs to society. And by costs I mean the money being wasted on enforcement and the wrongful imprisonment of non criminals. There are no arguments to keeping it a crime. I hold you able to fix this. Why frigging wait? What are you waiting for?

Do this now and every other story hitting the news will be smothered by your clarity of vision  the justness of your vision to do what is right not just popular. The other side will be the losers.

In my life time I have smoked pot with MP's, MLA's, municipal politicians, judges of the Provincial Court, administrative judges of the Provincial court, teachers, Principals from high school or elementary school, with RCMP officers, Van City Police officers, with gays and straights, with parents. The movies I've seen shows that most if not all of Hollywood smokes it. The people dying in Mexico over this substance is criminal. Just legalize it and get it over with. The Canadian government needs the tax money for seniors. The American government needs the tax money for a variety of things. Why borrow money for over pensioned politicians and pass the burden onto your children  when you could tax the pot they are using.

Any student learns in University that if a law is not supported by the people it will be ignored. The law making pot illegal is not supported by the people. (ignore the government people). For Gods sake smarten up and legalize the stuff. It is not addictive. I quit by choice.