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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Like a Fly on their nose

The Liberals don`t get it yet. They keep operating under the old fashioned Bob Rae illusion. They need to hold town hall meetings cross country and get into a grass roots type movement as opposed to the family compact top down nonsense. They cant see the fly on their nose.The dont need to merge with the NDP. The NDP problem is that they are so closely associated with unions, that they will never be the federal government. The Liberals can be left wing without being beholding to the Union movement. The Liberals can say no to Unions if need be. Unions are good for the working man. Unfortunately the business agents for Unions only know one word .....more. They will bankrupt a business before they will recognize they must back off.

Carol James in BC had the right idea, the winning approach as she distanced herself from unions but the unions wanted the power and they got Adrian Dix who will now lose to Christy Clarke. In government you can be NDP and Catholic like in Quebec. You can be left wing and NDP like Jack Layton. But you cant be Union and NDP not in government. Bob Rae should know that but obviously he is thick headed. We the tax payer can hardly afford the public unions we got. Only the Liberals can be left wing and responsible. Liberals need to focus on policies as dictated by the grass roots just like the Reform Party did. Get started dummies. Quit taking short cuts.