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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Elizabeth May Won't

Listen up Canadians.
Elizabeth May

is a self centered ugly polititian elected by a weird constituency. This feat reflects the weirdness of the constituency nothing special about Elizabeth Might. So dont be disappointed because she won't do anything except get attention for herself.

On the Gulf Islands in BC there is the largest number of alternative cultures and lifestyles and ways of thinking about food, foresty, plants diets,and living anywhere in the world. Everything and I mean everything, is alternative. the food, the clothes, the way of life, the attitudes, even the horoscopes. When they filmed the Lotus Eaters on Galiano a film about a 60's teacher, they hired extras from the island. They all came dressed as they were and fit right into the 60's. Except this film was made in the 90's

On Salt Spring Island everyone smokes pot even those you think dont, do. On those islands Green has a different meaning. Elizabeth Wont will fit right in with her weirdness; no may about it. She will be surrounded by artsy fartsy types where making an income is only ok if it is alternative.

ON weekends the Islands show a double feature, "The Invasion of the Bicycle People" and "The Stoned Peddlers" or "It Came from Off Island" starring Elizabeth Might"

Saanich has finally been outed about its weirdness by electing someone that reflects the constituency's inherent nature being out of it. No body works. They even found a coffee industry to be unwelcome. Now Salt Spring Coffee is made on the Mainland where Conservatives and hard workers go to live. On the Islands there are white tribes and two groups tree huggers and tree cutters. The tree huggers work serving food the tree cutters cut trees to buy food.