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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Campbell's Gone: Now the Liberals Must Go

That is it. The resignation of Kash Heed was the last straw. The refusal of the Provincial Liberal Campbell government to charge the RCMP murderers with the murder of that Polish immigrant Dziekanski at the airport and other actions, such as the Pickton investigation, about policing in BC, by the Campbell government has so brought the administration of this Province into disrepute that I can no longer support this government: The NDP are the only alternative. My mind is made up. The Liberals must go.

The Liberals care about incompetent cops and more taxes. They do not have the balls to deal with issues that need to be dealt with including the overspending of tax payers money and a refusal to deal with the incompetent RCMP police force in this province. It was obvious by Campbells speech to the province that he doesn't get it; completely out of touch. Now the bad leadership from his appointed SG's and AG's, that brought the administration of this province into disrepute and  resulting in Campbell losing his credibility, want to replace his leadership and give us more of the same bad leadership. Talk about crazy. Nothing will change in this Province in terms of athmosphere or substance until the RCMP are gone.

The Liberals bungled the Pickton Inquiry after the bungled Pickton investigation by appointing the AG who ignored the bad policing of the RCMP for years before giving their responsibilty to the SG. Campbell just doesn't get it and has paid the price. His willingness to accept bad policing  as allowed by  his appointed Solicitor Generals and Attorney Generals (who ignored the incompetent police force in this province) has taken the administration of justice and therefore the Liberal administration of this Province into disrepute. Why would anyone believe any Liberal any more.  They dont care about citizens. We need a justice system that doesn't protect RCMP murderers. We need to replace the RCMP with a Provincial force. We need to replace the Liberals. Bill Bennett is right.

I have over 30 years of doing Criminal law as a lawyer in 15 different municipal jurisdictions in and around Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, in Kamloops and in Victoria, and I can say, without any reasonable doubt, that the best police force in British Columbia is the Vancouver City Police. The worst police forces in British Columbia, bar none, are the RCMP. The RCMP are incompetent, lazy and unproductive. The only reason many Cities use the RCMP is because in large measure the Federal government pays a part of the cost of policing to the municipality if they use the RCMP. If it were not for that fact, most City's would hire their own force. This Province needs a Provincial Police force (BCPolice)

The Taser killing by the lazy RCMP of Mr Dziekanski is criminal. Because the RCMP did not fire those bastards and because the Crown did not charge them with murder, the administration of this province has been so brought into disrepute, it is bankrupt. Quite frankly they should still be charged with murder and let a jury of their peers decide their guilt or innocence. The BC people don't need a study to figure that out as they have seen it with their eyes. (well everyone except Campbell and his apponted SG's and AG's) The only respect the RCMP have is the respect they earned a 100 years ago; certainly nothing earned currently. They think respect is deserved not earned.

The best thing that any City could do for their communities is to get rid of the RCMP. In fact if any of the BC Solicitor General's  had any balls he would lead the charge but they don't really care about the citizens of BC. They certainly care about the money (income) the RCMP can steal from speeders.

The only three things that the RCMP do well is fly planes, ride horses and wear a red tunic. That's it! If you want a police force that gets results, knows their city and does competent proactive , respectable police work, it is the Vancouver or Victoria City Police. I wish to God the Liberal S.G. had the balls to get rid of the RCMP and take a page out of Quebec's books. Get the Feds to send  the money and let us look after/hire our own Province wide unified ploice force. Tell the RCMP to go back to where ever they came from.