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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Duceppe and the biggest Canadian losers

The three losers: Dion who didnt win , Jack Layton who couldn't outdo Dion and win the left wing vote and Duceppe who hasn't got anything to lose। Dion has likely been conned by Layton, being the weakling he is। I can remember Layton telling Dion to get out of the way in the televised debates and Layton won that point। The only way Dion can do it is by way of an underhanded back door illegitimate power grab being the loser he is. Layton and Duceppe have nothing to lose, so they think. Roll those dice gentlemen because you have been out maneouved again.

It is with great concern that I find it necessary to write this. I truly hope that the left wing CBC will not simply endorse the left wing power grab by the Liberals with NDP and BLOC support simply because it is a Left wing power grab. It would be a government by scoundrels, socialists and separatists. This is as close to an armed revolution as I want to see in Canada and of course it is being carried out by the left wingers. It takes Canada down the same path as many third world countries.

At its simplest, this is no more then a left wing power grab and quite frankly I don't believe that the Governor General will approve of it as a coalition government, if she has any sense of her Canadian responsibility. Stopping this kind of situation is the whole reason for her existence. If she fails to uphold the rights of the people, a movement to abolish her position will result. I hope the CBC is as altruistic and will stand up for principle and against chicanery.

The guidelines for the Govenor General means the operation of the usual consitutional procedures in the matter in question must be such that it will not simply involve some moderate delay or temporary inconvenience. It would have to prevent for some time a state of affairs that is plainly intolerable and a voliation of the spirit and intent of the consititution, the guardian of democracy in our country. Further and more importantly there should be no reasonable doubt whatsoever (separatist support Dion's coalition),of the essential wisdom and justice of the Govenors intervention. If any such doubt is present it constitutes prima facia that she should hold her hand and call an election. For sooner or later she will be compelled indirectly to seek justification at the polls for the use of her emergency power.

Given the nature of the coalition wherein a separatist party seeks its interests which are contray to Canada's, the next election could well see the abolition of the Govenor General in Canada once and for all. Basically the GG needs to side with the majority of Canadians or she loses big time. In short she must be sure to of the inherent righteousness of her intervention and her popular vindication that she is willing to stake her reputation and her OFFICE upon its general acceptance. I say it will be an election if she has the good sense of any Canadian who has played hockey.

The Govenor General will, if she checks in with her Majesty's advisors side with democracy. She should not be used as a political convenience. She will not be used as a political hack biased to the side that appointed her. She will side with the greater democratic values and with another election. This is not the proper situation for her to ask the opposition to form a coalition government. This situation is no more then a power grab based on bullshit and is akin to an armed revolution. It will likely invite an armed reply if successful. This is a situation where she will say "have another election and then we will see if a coalition is necessary". If she does that, as is her fiduciary duty to do, as the Governor General of Canada and the guardian of democracy in Canada, the people will solve the problem .

If that happens, I'll take bets and give you two to one odds that the Conservatives will win a majority. Canadians will say "think again my friend" to this left wing power grab. Canadians are smart at the grass roots level anyway॥ Something the Liberals haven't learnt yet with their top down approach. Their motto is power to the Liberals. The Conservatives is power to the people.

That is because the Conservatives are basing their decisions on common sense and their connection with the grass roots gained while in the wilderness after Mulroney; something the Liberal still haven't done॥ The Conservatives are basing their decision on the tax payers interests not on the notion that I deserve to have power because I am a Liberal or because I am Liberal I deserve my entitlements and the tax payers money to support me in getting the job and afterwards in retirement; not on the people's wishes.

Because, after all is said and done, to a Liberal the tax payers can't be trusted with their own money because they might spend it on beer and pop corn. To a Liberal reducing the GST is not a stimulus package; to a Liberal only taxation by government and spending by government is a stimulus package Because people can't be trusted with their money to do what is required to stimulate the economy. Only the Conservatives have the balls to stand and say to these scoundrels, socialists and separatists, "bullshit".

Why should my taxes go to support a party I don't support? Bullshit! I have paid taxes for 50 years in this country and more then every cent I have paid in 50 years has gone to Elizabeth May to push her way into the leadership debate and call the PM a fraud. She can go screw herself.

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