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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Global Warming Totally Destroying BC Forest

The pine beetle used to be killed off each winter by the freezing cold. No more. They survive each winter now thanks to global warming. And the beetle population grows and grows and eats more and more trees....destroying an entire Provincial forest.

You may think we can ignor global warming. Not so! It has brought about the destruction of the BC forest and which invasion will cross the pine tundra west to east from the Yukon to northern Quebec by the year 2010. The pine beetle is coming along with the pineapple express. That red area of the middle of British Columbia has been destroyed and killed by the pine beetle; turned into dry cinder, a standing fire hazard; an entire forest gone, divestated, completely and totally gone, dead. Trees that took a hundred years to grow have been ate up like candy in a dozen years; pine beetle candy.

Take a look at the critter coming to you real soon. Thank you Buzz Hargrove! Thank you Ford. Thank you Chevrolet. Thank you GMC.