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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Western Canada is Canada's Future

Prime Minister Harper is the Phil Gaglardi of Canada. BC'ers know the flying Minister of Highways of the 60's opened up BC to the world with his mountain passes and bridges and highways and ski hills in a way that is unmatched to this day. It is those roads that Gaglardi built that keeps BC green today. And I mean green in a way that the Green Party doesn't.

The bridges built by flying Phil Gaglardi, BC's Minister of Highways, span every city in this Province. The man is an icon of BC's history. He was a fighter. Phil Gaglardi made BC what it is today whether it be ferry's, like BC Ferries, bridges like the Port Mann, tunnels like the Deas Island Tunnel or highways like the Rogers Pass. Almost every bridge in every Bc City today was built by the flying Minister of Highways Phil Gaglardi. Now PM Harper is going to give us the international ports to connect to the Orient. We need another Phil Gaglardi. Thank you Steve Harper and Dave Emerson. It is about time the feds paid attention to the west instead of Quebec Quebec Quebec and Ontario