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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

THE MUSLIM QUESTION: Muslim Manners or Terrorism


It is time to analyse the Muslims in our country and determine their committment to Canadian values.

I watched CTV all day on Saturday, June 4, 2006 as I planted my patio flowers and made Victoria more flower friendly and I listened to the Toronto Police Chief and the Muslim leaders talk. Now,after 6 hours of that,I am more concerned then ever. I do not get the impression that Muslims are dealing with the problem in their midst. Instead I saw quite the opposite. I saw the Muslim leaders try to blame others, or justify the use of violence with some agenda, or make like victims. I listened to non stop bullshit.

I listened to Aly Hindy a Muslim Imam claim these criminal charges in Toronto were an attack on the Muslim community. Which is a bullshit excuse. I listened to Muslim leaders say Canada should not be joining the USA war on terror. Excuse me but this the western worlds war on terror not the USA's. I listened to Muslims try to blame the media for saying Muslims are involved. Excuse me but Muslims are involved just like they were in 911, in London, in Beslan, in Bali, in Madrid, in New Delhi, in Eqypt, in Israel, in Kashmir, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and on and on.

I listened to Muslims say that CSIS and the RCMP are feeling threatened not of terrorism but of losing their jobs and they need to creat an atmosphere of fear in the country to keep their jobs. Which is another bullshit claim or excuse! The Muslim community had an all day news session to show they are dealing with the source of the problem in their community and failed to do so. My golly. With this kind of attitude and support within the Muslim community it is no wonder that so many of their members resort to violence and suicide missions killing innocent people. I do not think the Muslim community gets the point at all.

Now today I see Muslims were hiding the ringleader of the Paris attacks. Are there radical Muslims or are they one big group?

Cpl Brett Lindstrom An American Hero

Cpl Brett Lindstrom (aka Lone Eagle) from the Pine Ridge Reservation, Home of the Mustangs where all Lakota warriors get an eagle feather.He died in Iraq in January 2006 during a battle with Muslim terrorists defending freedom. Thanks to ALL of the U. S. Military Men and Women Everywhere. Past and Current Living and Dead. We are free because of you.

Meanwhile in Caledonia Ontario. To Six Nations Chief Allan McNaughton I have two words.