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Monday, May 22, 2006

Captain Nicola Goddard A Canadian Hero

                                                  Captain Nicola Goddard
A Canadian Hero, a real Canadiandaughter. She is the first Canadian woman to be killed in action since the Second World War, and the first female combat soldier killed on the front lines. A ship has been named after her.


Maybe you think we still live in a country where private property reigns supreme, Well, I hate to disappoint you but you have not lived in a Strata Title Unit. Strata Councils confirm what I call the Shmoo Principle. Maybe you remember the Peter Principle where employees always get promoted to one level above their level of competence. The Shmoo Principle is that given a jurisdiction people will always legislate one level above the maximum of their given powers. This is aptly exhibited by Strata Councils in BC. Strata titled property and their strata councils are the training ground for socialists....control freeks let loose on your life. Don't buy into a strata as you will be sorry.

It may be in this day and age that strata titled property is the only property that most people can now afford. What most people have not seen, if they have not lived in a strata titled property, is the extent of strata council power and their involvement in your life. When you buy strata property, you abandon private property. That is something that realtors will never tell you.

Under the Strata Property Act of BC, Strata councils can control the age of owners in the building and the pets allowed in the building and of course under the power to control noise they can control the renovations you make to your interior, the activities inside your home, or the people in your home, or the color of your curtains, the opening and closing of your windows, etc, etc. They will tell you what you can park, where you can park and when, or if you can smoke. And this can all happen after you buy and move in.

Strata titled property is more then restricted private property. In fact, strata titled property is the antithesis of private property. Private property may give you freedom within a cityĆ¢€™s zoning. But zoning controls are further enlarged by the exercise of the powers of Strata Councils; the Shmoo Principle. And freedom is further and extensively diminished by Strata Councils. Strata titled property is socialistic property; not private property.

If you want some bored, small minded, socialistic yahoo, without a life, sitting on a Strata Council interferring in your life then by all means buy Strata.