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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Proud Canadian For Ever

Smoking a peace pipe in pictures...

...or fight

Cartoons from the Times Colonist

A Canadian's view of the American Congress....

The Times Colonist in Victoria may be as left wing as they come but the cartoonist creats with an open mind and is so funny....

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Canadian Soldiers Make Our Country Proud

You know I must confess that I am not impressed with the fact that 7 out of 32 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan have been killed by Americans; THAT IS one fifth. I remember going to Europe as a young man, to northern Europe. This was in 1975. One thing that really stood out and surprised me but made me proud was the very welcome reception I received from the people in the Northern European countries. The other thing that really surprised me was the negative reception that Americans got. Most of them wore and hid behind Canadian flags. I am not sure why that is but I suspect being trigger happy is one reason.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Osamas Islam and Czechoslovakia

You know there are two types of politicians; ones that are boiled pig heads and ones that are eternal. The eternal ones are decades ahead of all others. The boiled pig heads like the NDP's Jack Layton are brain dead. These are the politicians who will give away some one else's country and naively believe in some airy-fairy, abbra cadabbra, "peace in our time" magical gimme.

In 1939, the world and that included Britain gave away Chechoslavakia to Germany's Hitler in the belief that such would lead to peace in our time. Of course, as we all know, Hitler and Germany were not satisfied with that and went on to take Poland because that was the nature, with which the world was dealing, of fascism. Those that knew the evil of that nature knew that giving away Chechoslavakia was wrong and that such would not be enough to quell the thirst of fascism's nature.

The eternal ones like Ariel Sharon who weeks after 911 besieged the world to not treat Israel like Chechoslavakia spoke with the knowledge of one who knows the nature of the evil with which we are dealing in radical Islam, with the crazy Muslims...the ones who are committed to the eradication of all infidels, Christians, Hindus, Russians, Americans, Canadians, that is non Muslims in any country anywhere. If Jack Layton thinks otherwise he might try and walk the streets of Saudi Arabia for any period of time, or Iraq, or try going door to door for your church in Pakistan.

Jack Layton would give the crazy Muslims Afghanistan because he is brain dead. In the last election there was some reference to the Chinese word for a boiled pigs head to describe Jack Layton because of the similarity of the smile that doesn't stop. It is an accurate comparison, even funny cause it is true. Anyone who has seen a boiled pigs head will recognize that eternal smile that never stops. That smile is not the only similarity between a boiled pigs head and Jack Layton. The fact they are both brain dead is another.

His support for the Taliban's position in Afghanistan is killing Canadians soldiers. His belief that Canada should negotiate with the crazy Muslims displays a naivety that surpasses Bush's naivety in going into Iraq. His eagerness to withdraw Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan only encourages the enemy. I am surprised that the average Union person supports any thing Jack Layton says. The average Union guy is not that dumb.